Eni adheres to new Corporate Governance Code

Rome, 27 April 2012 - Eni announces that the Board of Directors has today approved  its adherence to the new Corporate Governance Code for listed companies as of December 2011, through the process which started on December 15, 2011 with the adoption of the recommendations on remuneration.

The Board of Directors acknowledged that Eni's corporate governance system is largely consistent with the new recommendations and resolved to carry out the necessary formal adjustment of Company documents, to ensure the implementation of the recommendations.

The new Corporate Governance Code, that replaces the 2006 edition of the Eni Code , is available on the Company website, in the ‘Corporate Governance' section; the highlights of the solutions adopted by Eni to improve the corporate governance system and its related reasons are also included.

Detailed Information on the implementation of the new Corporate Governance Code will be given in the Corporate Governance Report to be published during 2013. 

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