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Paolo Scaroni meets with Libyan NTC in Tripoli

Tripoli, 12 September 2011 - The business trip by Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni to Tripoli was held today. During the trip, Eni’s delegation met with top level officials of the Libyan NTC and the National Oil Company. In addition, the delegation also visited Eni’s offices in Tripoli to meet with local staff and to discuss the timing and arrangements for the restart of oil and gas production.

The main aim of the trip was the establishment of the necessary measures to recover exports through the Green Stream pipeline, which may carry 10 bln cm/y of gas from the Libyan coast to Italy.

The operation has been declared a national interest by the Italian government, since it has important strategic value for the national security of energy supplies. The NCT underlined the strategic importance of this arrangement for both the new government and the Libyan people as it testifies a gradual return to normality.

Within the business trip, Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni stated: "Our priority is the quick recover of Libyan gas export towards Italy, aiming to guarantee Italy with the security of supplies". Paolo Scaroni also thanked "the Italian Institutions which organized this sensitive mission to the Libyan capital, the first of an international company since the beginning of the Libyan insurrection".

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