Eni works with AWS to boost efficiency of geoscience workflows using the OSDU™ Data Platform

San Donato Milanese, (Milan), 31 May 2022 – ENI announces today it’s work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate its proprietary data platform XWARE with the cloud native Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDUTM) on AWS. This enables faster data exchange between external ecosystems, deployment of innovative Seismic Cloud applications, and fostering new digital workflows and insights.

Eni has always driven technological innovation by targeting strategic objectives to ensure long-term competitiveness and sustainable growth in all business sectors. Eni and AWS are part of the Open Group OSDUTM Forum, an energy industry collaboration building an open-source technology to remove data silos and allow frictionless flow of data between applications and workflows.

Working with AWS, Eni demonstrates that the cloud native OSDU Data Platform on AWS can be used to enhance application interoperability, which enables accelerated data exchange and enhanced security.

This standards-based approach unlocks higher order technologies on the cloud and enables integration with Eni’s proprietary XWARE georeferenced subsurface data platform. AWS integrated the OSDUTM Data Platform with XWARE, which Eni uses for data management and to implement its data governance framework. The work proves that Eni can combine the best of its proprietary solutions while taking full advantage of the innovation and security best practices provided by AWS.

Luca Bertelli, Deputy Chief Operating Officer Natural Resources said: "Eni work to deepen geoscience knowledge, which allows the Company to drive further innovation in the industry. The joint exploitation of XWARE, and the OSDU Data Platform on AWS, will allow Eni to be more efficient and less resource intensive in delivering projects by creating easy and fast interoperability between applications in company workflows, and freeing data to be used with innovative digital services."

“Innovators like ENI are at the forefront of technology transformation in the industry, deploying cloud native solutions to positively drive performance,” said Howard Gefen, General Manager – Energy & Utilities, AWS. “Integrating Eni’s proprietary data platform with the cloud native OSDUTM Data Platform on AWS helps to democratize data across the business, and enables Eni to leverage cloud services such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to help sustain ENI’s long term competitiveness and growth.”

The AWS OSDU Data Platform is leveraging cloud-native services like AWS EC2 for secure and resizable compute capacity, Amazon S3 to store data, Amazon Elasticsearch to search, visualize, and analyse data, AWS DynamoDB as database service for single-digit millisecond performance at any scale, and AWS Cloudformation to deploy infrastructure as a code. 

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