Eni takes the initiative to reduce plastic in Pakistan

Eni and environmental stewardship
For Eni, environmental stewardship means protecting the planet and protecting ourselves at the same time. In pursuit of Eni’s global commitment towards protecting the environment, an event was organized on 16 October 2019 at the community school developed by Eni Pakistan in Ihsanabad village near the Kadanwari Plant to convince youngsters that they, too, can help change the world. The awareness-raising session on environmental protection & minimization of plastic use was a success with the students and teachers attending the event, who all showed the right spirit. A total of 174 pupils from different age groups and grades took part in the event.
Youth awareness
The main thrust of the session was to spread awareness, educate on the hazards of continued use of plastics and to emphasize the importance of transforming mindsets and looking for sustainable alternatives which can help in saving the environment in which we live. The Q&A session was followed by the naming of Eni Pakistan Environmental Ambassadors. Angelo Ligrone did the honours of formally naming 50 students “Eni Pakistan Environmental Ambassador” for the initiative, awarding each a pin in recognition of the important role assigned to them. Each of the kids was also given a Sprout Pencil, the world’s first sustainable “plantable” pencil, where the eraser has been replaced by a special seed capsule, giving the pencil a dual function. When planted, delicious fresh herbs, crispy vegetables, or edible flowers sprout from the seeds.
The new campaign in Pakistan’s schools
Following on from the success of the first Awareness Campaign session in select schools across the country, on 7 November 2019 Eni Pakistan organized a second run of the school awareness-raising campaign in a school in Karachi. A team of representatives from the Human Resources and HSE units, together with the Managing Director of Eni Pakistan, Angelo Ligrone, took to the stage to inform an enthusiastic audience of students of the need to protect the world from the perils of plastic. The event kicked off with a brief description of Eni Pakistan’s successful efforts to clean up the environment, bringing cheers and applause from the pupils. A look at the numbers from the initiatives pursued as part of the “Eni Pakistan: Quest for a plastic-free environment” campaign shows that Eni Pakistan is set to become the first plastic-free Business Unit, with a total reduction of 11.5 tonnes of plastic and 24.5 tonnes of CO2 in just one year.

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