The importance of reducing plastic in Pakistan

A meeting on going plastic-free, between the senior managers of Eni Pakistan and children from the local school in Karachi.

On 17 September 2019, a delegation from Eni Pakistan, led by managing director Angelo Ligrone, met a group of children from the City School in Karachi and gave them a lesson on recycling and collecting plastic rubbish. The lesson began with the example of what Eni Pakistan has done to become Eni's first plastic free division, as well as cleaning up the beaches in Karachi. A forceful video, an exchange of ideas and concrete solutions made the children at the City School decide to put their words into action. It was a chance to raise awareness among the pupils and invite them to create sustainable alternatives for saving the environment we all live in. At the end of the exchange of ideas and questions, Angelo Ligrone chose 74 children to be ambassadors for the upcoming work.


Raising awareness in schools is part of a series of key initiatives within the campaign “Eni Pakistan: A Quest for a Plastic-Free Environment”. Eni Pakistan has already worked out and launched a series of initiatives for reducing around 11.5 tonnes of plastic and 24.5 tonnes of carbon from its footprint by the end of the year.

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