Eni complies with the CEO Water Mandate, a firm sign of how important it considers water resources

Our strategic approach involves analysing the water cycle for all opportunities for public works, farming and industry, and keeping in mind that every drop of water is valuable. To firmly demonstrate our commitment, we decided to be the first oil and gas company to comply with the CEO Water Mandate.

Our commitment

We are keenly aware that our industrial activity, both upstream and downstream, is heavily dependent on water quality and availability. This makes us think carefully about how we use and manage water resources at all the different stages of our activities, and show we are able to grasp and tackle the many economic, technological and management issues involved. It is increasingly clear that the effects of climate change are revealing themselves in water crises, be it extreme weather conditions, droughts or rising sea levels. This is why we have to make every possible effort to reduce rapidly emerging water risks in good time.

Within this context, complying with the mandate will bring the deserved attention to the commitment we have already made. It will aim to strengthen internal sensibility to the issue of water resources and prompt further action to safeguard them.

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