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Eni Myanmar: a social responsible initiative

The 3D onshore seismic survey acquired by Eni Myanmar in Block RSF-5 (Magway Region Central Myanmar) is currently in the de-mobilization phase.

Given the magnitude of the project, which extends over an area of more than 500 km2, Eni gathered an excellent knowledge of the area, which includes more than 16,800 properties with the daily involvement of about 600 workers along one year project. The connection established with the local staff, stakeholders and communities is strong and real.

On 12th of March 2018 some of our local laborers have been suddenly called by the families because their houses in Sai Kya Village were on fire. Spontaneously the focus from the daily activities moved immediately to the emergency, the operations onsite have been shut down and the Eni Myanmar ambulance and the senior doctor was sent to the village to support the inhabitants involved in the fire.

None was seriously injured, but unfortunately, five households with nine children, of age between 5 and 14 years old, lost everything and were obliged to move and live in a nearby monastery because they were financially unable to build new houses.

Therefore, Eni Myanmar voluntarily decided to sustain the village in re-building the houses destroyed and equipping them with all the items, such as cooking pot, potteries, living furniture, dresses and toys for the babies.

On 30th of March the families with plenty of joy could go back to their village. The laborers resumed working and the children were back in school, making their lives to return to normality.

This is an example of the several social initiatives that Eni realizes to support the stakeholders, helping to create a relationship of trust towards the activities that Eni, as operator, conducts in the country, with the objective of establishing long-term sustainable partnerships with local communities.

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