WomenX Impact 2022

From 17 to 19 November, Eni was Main Partner of the international event dedicated to female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Eni was the Main Partner of the second edition of WomenX Impact, an eagerly awaited international event dedicated to female leadership, which was held from 17 to 19 November at FICO Eataly World, Bologna. We decided to support this initiative because we have been committed to creating professional paths for female growth, integration and empowerment for a long time.

Many of Eni’s people from different sectors participated in the three days as speakers and as part of WomenX Impact’s StartUp Competition jury, with Domenica Surace, Head of Impact assessment, Monitoring & Reporting and Valentina Raule, Startup Acceleration Specialist of Joule – Eni's School of entrepreneurship. The prizes for the winner include access to the Joule community. Last but not least, we were present with a career guidance booth and offered the chance of meeting our HR one-on-one, every day, from 11 a.m to noon and from 3 to 4 p.m.


Events agenda

17 November

Keynote speech: Skills and networking: the key for a solid empowerment path (Competenze e incontri: la chiave per un solido percorso di empowerment)

With Annalisa Muccioli, CEO of EniProgetti, who spoke about the value of skills and meetings to build a solid path of individual development, in an increasingly innovative and transformative context.

18 November

Panel: Women in Innovation: how to transform data into knowledge (Women in Innovation: come trasformare i dati in conoscenza) with Alessandra Fidanzi, Head of Eni’s Digital Factory & Center of Excellence, who spoke about the importance of using data within the company to evaluate the gender gap in this field.

19 November

Keynote speech: Incubating to accelerate innovation (Incubare per accelerare l’innovazione), with Mattia Voltaggio, Head of Joule – Eni’s School of entrepreneurship, who spoke about Joule’s functioning in the background, and about how to create a successful entrepreneurial idea, by supporting the growth of sustainable enterprises, through training and start-up acceleration paths.

WomenX Talks

Our live streaming talks about parenthood, inter-generational comparison and personal branding at the company.

Gender Equality to Eni

According to the latest statistics, in Italy, only 28% of managers are women, and the gender gap between men and women at work will (perhaps) be bridged in 132 years.
For Eni, the topic of gender equality is the focus of many sustainable development projects to promote equal rights and support women in their careers.
Currently, there are 8,360 female employees in Eni, in Italy and abroad. In 2021, women numbered 24.82% of the total work force, slightly up on the figure for 2020 (24.56%). We pursue a pay equity policy within the company, currently standing at 98% (figure referring to Italy, whereas the gender pay ratio percentage over total remuneration referring to countries abroad rises to 101%).


Diversity & Inclusion

We protect and enhance diversity. The inclusion of all diversities forms the basis of our commitment, both within the company and in our relations with external stakeholders.

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