Eni a OMC 2021: il futuro dell’energia nel segno dell’innovazione

Eni at OMC 2021: the future of energy in the name of innovation

Energy transition was the key theme of the conference that took place in Ravenna from 28 to 30 September 2021.

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"Rethinking Energy Together: Alliances for a Sustainable Future" was the focus of the 2021 edition of the OMC Med Energy Conference & Exhibition, the main international showcase for the energy sector, held in Ravenna from 28 to 30 September.

The theme of our involvement was the Road to 2050 - Our strategic plan by business area to 2050”, which outlined our goal of bringing net carbon dioxide emissions to zero by that date, an evolution of our business model that involves all sectors. With this in mind, Eni took part in OMC presenting the solutions and technologies that will guide us along the path to decarbonization.

Road to 2050: the story of our journey towards zero emissions

"Road to 2050 - Our strategic plan by business area to 2050" demonstrated how we will achieve the goal of carbon neutrality through innovation, a crucial challenge to ensure fair, sustainable and reliable access to energy for a growing population and, at the same time, combat climate change by cutting emissions.

The spectacular backdrop, made up of large LED arches and monitors, told the story of this journey in an engaging and evocative way, allowing visitors to explore the themes in depth.

Pianta ricoperta di rugiada

Our evolution

Long-term Strategic Plan to 2050 under the decarbonization banner

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Meetings and insights at our exhibition space

During the three days of the OMC, our stand hosted live talks and presentations to illustrate some of the technologies that will make our decarbonization journey possible.

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