Eni and the Feltrinelli Foundation: research, dialogue and communication

Eni and the Feltrinelli Foundation: research, dialogue and communication

Eni and the Feltrinelli Foundation: research, dialogue and communication

Eni and the Feltrinelli Foundation: research, dialogue and communication

Eni and the Feltrinelli Foundation: research, dialogue and communication

A partnership built over the years

Again in 2021, Eni is Partner to the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, in a relationship that has been going strong since 2018. As a chance for academia and social, economic and political actors to meet and exchange ideas, our partnership with the Feltrinelli Foundation is an important opportunity to reflect on the search for effective solutions to accelerate the energy transition and achieve it in a fair way, managing the social and environmental impact of human activity.

This year, the Foundation's schedule of activities involves an extensive programme of research, stakeholder engagement and communication at national and European level, a reflection on the contemporary world guided by four thematic dualismsprofit/social justice, competition/inclusion, people/machines, city centres/suburbs.

Eni will also be lending its support by taking part in a number of initiatives, including: the Ok Europe tour, the European Feltrinelli Camp and the Milan Transition Days.

European Feltrinelli Camp. For A New Globalization

An opportunity for researchers from different fields of study and countries to meet and debate, the European Feltrinelli Camp is the Feltrinelli Foundation's international camp on the relationship between the economy and society. This year is entitled For A New Globalization - Trasforming economy for a just transition and it focused on ideas, models and proposals to change globalization and moving towards a fairer international system. The main theme is the necessity to devise new forms of organisation for the State, the market and local communities.

European Feltrinelli Camp: the format

Entirely in English, the European Feltrinelli Camp consists of two days of international workshops and panels for young researchers, practitioners, activists and communicators, in collaboration with national and international universities, research centres and institutional stakeholders. Participants are young people under 38 from different backgrounds and geographical areas, chosen from among the candidates who apply to an international call on the basis of ideas, research projects, study and professional experience. The work is organised according to public sessions, public lectures and six working groups. The proposals drawn up by the various working groups will be shared with all participants and then reported to a final panel, made up of policy-makers and actors from business and research. The 2021 edition workshop will take place at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Viale Pasubio 5, Milan. Participants will be able to attend in person and take part online. The public can watch the meetings in person or via streaming on the Feltrinelli Foundation website.

Ok Europe: a four-city journey to build a European agenda

As part of the overall Sarabanda 2021 programme, the Ok Europe. Four roads to European citizenship project was a series of research workshops and public meetings held in four major European cities - Barcelona, Paris, Brussels and Berlin - and focused on four broad themes:

  • cities
  • employment
  • representation and participation
  • the economy

Within this framework, Ok Europe intended to offer opportunities for debate and experience sharing on the main issues which impact on citizens' quality of life. These issues included the transformation of cities and regions, the ecological transition of the economy, employment and political institutions with the task of representing and protecting the interest of the community.

Each stage included a themed workshop behind closed doors, followed by a public meeting for citizens and streamed on the Foundation's channels. Participants included representatives from current projects in the field, as well as universities, research centresinstitutions, businesses and grassroots community groups.

The international research workshops were held with the aim of integrating and expanding on the thoughts on national level scenarios, so we can collectively arrive at a common taxonomy capable of identifying practices and priorities for action to respond to the challenges of employment, the economy, cities and politics with a supranational perspective.

The aim of the overall process was to draft an agenda of social priorities and rights to be established and developed at a European level, particularly in the context of the investment from the Next Generation Europe programme and the respective National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRPs).

All OK Europe meetings:

  • #City Centres/Suburbs. What kind of Europe for Cities? - Barcelona, 22 September 2021
  • #People/Machines. What kind of Europe for work and rights? - Paris, 4 November 2021
  • #Citizens/Institutions. What kind of Europe between technocracies and populism? - Brussels, 16 November 2021
  • #Ecological transition. Hype or real change? - Berlin, 23 November 2021

The meetings are available on demand (in Italian) on the Foundation's Facebook page and website.

Find out more about the project

I video degli incontri di Ok Europe

Vai sul sito di Fondazione Feltrinelli per seguire i video di tutti gli incontri del ciclo Ok Europe, realizzati a Barcellona, Parigi, Bruxelles e Berlino.

Milan Transition Days: projects and proposals for ecological transition

From 29 September to 1 October, the Feltrinelli Foundation promoted the Milan Transition Daysthree days of work to identify projects and proposals for the ecological transition of the economy, cities and people's lifestyles. The guiding themes were mobilityenergy and the link between food and water, with the following schedule:

  • #Day1 MOBILITY Wednesday 29 September
  • #Day2 ENERGY Thursday 30 September
  • #Day3 FOOD & WATER Friday 1 October

The initiative brought together start-upsSMEssocial enterprises and university spin-offs with representatives of incubatorsventure capital fundslarge companies and institutions. After the opening welcome, each day included closed working groups and a public dialogue broadcast on the Foundation's channels.

Eni supported the event with a representative at the ENERGY Day working groups, looking at the strategic issues of Energy for DecarbonizationEnergy Saving and Efficiency and the Circular Economy applied to the energy sector.

The Milan Transition Days were sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies and took place within the framework of All4Climate Italy 2021 and Food Wave, a project financed by the European Commission and developed by the Municipality of Milan together with sixteen international cities and thirteen civil society organisations with the aim of informing, involving and empowering young people on the link between food and the climate.

For more information visit the Feltrinelli Foundation website

The Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation

The Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation is one of Europe's leading centres for documentation and research in the field of history and political, economic and social sciences, contributing to the dignity of thought and reflection on the world around us. Its main area of interest is the dynamics of change, the starting point for discussing and proposing more equitable ways of living together.

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