SAF, the bet to win

SAF, the bet to win

SAF, the bet to win

SAF, the bet to win

SAF, the bet to win

For sustainability in the aviation industry

The conference 'SAF, the bet to win', organised with the support of Eni, in cooperation with ENAC and ADR, aimed to raise awareness and promote the use of low carbon fuel in aviation. One of the objectives of the event was to propose a regulatory roadmap to develop the necessary intermediate steps to foster the development of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) fuels to strengthen the pathway to decarbonize aviation. The event was an opportunity to take up the concepts proposed in the recent initiative The Pact for the decarbonization of air transport: the Italian ecosystem for a roadmap to Net-Zero held in December 2023, as part of the COP28 in Dubai, where Eni, ENAC and AdR all collaborated.


The event was organised in three panels:


The first: European regulation: impacts on SAF, aimed to address the different repercussions with respect to the evolution and application of sustainable fuels in the aviation sector through the testimony of strategic European players in managing dialogue with the European Commission.


The second: “SAF: Opportunities and Challenges”, aimed to give a voice to the operators themselves in discussing the challenges and complexities involved in the decarbonization of the sector.


The third and final: "The Roadmap to Win the Bet" outlined the steps to take to win the bet on biofuel use.

The conference was also an opportunity to announce Eni's membership of the Pact for the Decarbonization of Air Transport, recently established by ADR, as a strategic partner on the steering committee.

SAF: a sustainable solution for the aviation sector

Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are a concrete contribution for decarbonization in the aviation sector. At Eni's biorefineries in Italy, Enilive processes mainly waste raw materials such as waste cooking oil, animal fats and residues from the agro-food industry to produce Eni Biojet, a SAF that contains a 100% biogenic component and is suitable for use in blends with conventional jet up to 50%. In the air transport sector, Eni has signed agreements with ITA, DHL, Kenya Airways and Ryanair. 


Biofuels such as SAFs are one of the solutions made possible by our energy transition technologies and can play a significant role in the aviation sector. By 2026, it is expected to reach SAF production potential of over 1 MTPA and potentially double by 2030. The increase in production capacity in bioenergy for transport and mobility, in particular biofuels and biomethane, will contribute to achieving the Net Zero target.

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