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People and values

We have always believed that people are our most important asset. That’s why diversity, individual ability and continuous training are central to our values.

Continuous training in a fast-moving world

Our story is told through the skills that drive our growth. The need for a continual learning approach is increasingly clear in this age of rapid change, which calls for the constant acquisition of new skills to meet the challenges posed by sustainability and the circular economy

As the world around us changes, we change with it, taking advantage of the significant growth and business opportunities that arise along the way. Now more than ever, we are committed to involving our employees and collaborators in our organisational strategies. This is why we offer our people training courses through the Eni Corporate University, giving them the awareness and knowledge to continue to deliver on our mission, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. 

We adopt innovative tools to assess our people’s skills and professional growth, enhancing them through experiences abroad, or by building development paths that help both individuals and the company to grow.

What do we expect from our people?

We aim to harness the skills, abilities and attitudes that drive people's growth and, in turn, drive the growth of the company. Following our ‘Model of Excellence’, we combine the skills, attitudes and abilities of our people to ensure they can fully express their professional and individual potential. We apply this model to all employee evaluation processes, feedback, training and development.


  • Knowledge and know-how

    Competence, developing and sharing know-how, and the ability to put this into practice to achieve our objectives.

  • Courage to change

    Strategic vision, being open to international markets and responsive to change, combined with the courage to make decisions, plan and implement new initiatives while managing risk responsibly.

  • Teamwork

    The capacity to integrate and collaborate with colleagues is an essential element at all organisational levels, along with the ability to manage and lead colleagues within an atmosphere of mutual trust.

  • Passion

    Motivation, engagement and a positive attitude, along with the dynamism, tenacity and drive that should always guide us, especially in difficult and stressful situations.

  • Setting an example

    Taking responsibility for results and resources, acting consistently and transparently, and the credibility acquired both inside and outside the company.


Our People in numbers

We operate in 66 different countries around the globe, with about 31,000 men and women working for us.

Why join our team

Our work is based on passion and innovation. On the strength and development of our skills. This is why we have introduced several development initiatives exclusively for our people, as well as providing access to a cutting-edge welfare and benefit system.

Corporate volunteering

In 2019 Eni began a corporate volunteering project with Fondazione Banco Alimentare. Employees who signed up to the initiative were followed internally by a multi-disciplinary work group. They got the chance to volunteer for a day at Fondazione Banco Alimentare's warehouses, near their workplaces in different Italy cities. In this project, Eni's goal is to encourage active and voluntary participation in the life of local communities by its employees, during working hours. This project is right in line with Eni's way of doing business, as defined in its new mission, which is concerned with respect for people and creating shared value. The corporate volunteering project is set to go on in 2020, also with other various potential forms of outreach volunteering. Through this kind of volunteering, Eni aims to encourage and support active and voluntary participation in the life of local communities by its employees, even during working hours, working with many local non-profit organisations to meet the needs of different local areas.