Giulio Palazzo

Statutory auditor elected from the slate of candidates submitted by the Ministry of economy and finance. He was born in Potenza in 1969, Statutory auditor at Eni since May 2023. He is a certified chartered accountant and a certified public auditor, owner of the tax and corporate consulting firm of the same name based in Rome. He is Chairman of the Board of Statutory auditors of Hevolus Srl. He is Statutory auditor of Cremonini SpA, Chef Express SpA, Road House Italia SpA, Road House Grill Roma Srl, C&P Srl, Tecno-Star Due Srl, L’Espresso Media SpA, of Caaf Lazio and Basilicata Srl. He is Chairman of College of auditors of the Giuseppe Di Vittorio Foundation and member of College of auditors of the Archaeological Park of Pompei, of the Royal Palace of Genoa and of Fondo Fon.ter. He is sole statutory auditor of L’Antartide Immobiliare Srl and sole auditor of the Compagnia Aeronautica Italiana SpA, of Hilton Italiana Srl and of the Apulia Regional General Labour Confederation (CGIL). 


He was, among others, Statutory auditor and Chairman of the Watch Structure of F.lli d'Amico Armatori SpA, Chairman of the Board of Statutory auditors of BPER Credit Management SCpA, of the Perugia Hospital and Fondo Enfea Salute, sole auditor of CMA Srl. Statutory auditor/auditor of Equitalia Centro SpA, Equitalia Sud SpA, Equitalia Gerit SpA, Equitalia Polis SpA, Equitalia ETR SpA, Equitalia Veneto SpA, Equitalia Basilicata SpA in liquidation, Agenzia del Territorio, Scuola Superiore dell'Economia e delle Finanze (SSEF), Fondo Sanarti, FonCoop, Fondoprofessioni, Policlinico di Bari, Smith Medical Italia Srl and Gardant Bridge Servicing SpA.

Former Officer of the Guardia di Finanza, former parliamentary advisor, former lecturer at the Guardia di Finanza Academy, at the Guardia di Finanza Tributary Police School, at Scuola Superiore dell'Economia e delle Finanze and at Jean Monnet University of Bari.

Formerly a member of the tax and corporate law firm STS, an affiliate of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and the International Trade Services Group of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu working in the Tax Department at the Rome and London offices. Formerly a member of the European Taxation Commission set up at the National Council of Chartered Accountants, member of the expert team of the National Council of Chartered Accountants on “Monitoring, Reporting and Control Systems on Structural Funds”, member of the Supervisory Committee, appointed by the Bank of Italy, of credit institutions under extraordinary administration and compulsory liquidation.

In his profession, he deals mainly with accounting, corporate and tax issues, tax aspects of extraordinary transactions (mergers, demergers, contributions), due diligence and debt restructuring agreements. He is Technical consultant in legal proceedings against directors and auditors of companies, concerning tax, corporate, bankruptcy and property crimes. Expert on integrative and interprofessional health funds.

Participated in numerous conferences on tax and corporate matters as a speaker.

He received the Degree in Economics and Commerce, with full marks, from the University of Rome La Sapienza and a Master's degree in Tax Law — Tax and Administrative-Accounting Profiles of Extraordinary Finance Operations.

Last update: 14 March 2024

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