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Our work in Belgium

We have been operating in the country since 2008 in the G&P and R&M and Chemicals sectors. We operate in the Benelux countries, including the Netherlands and Luxembourg, through a subsidiary company.


Gas sales in 2019

We operate in Benelux in the industrial, wholesalers and thermoelectric segments, in 2019 sales amounted to 3.77 bcm, down by 1.52 bcm, or 28.7% compared to 2018, mainly due to portfolio optimization and lower sales to industrial and thermoelectric segments.


Eni Benelux and the oil market

We operate in the lubricant market with a wide range of products that we sell both through retailers and directly through our Eni Benelux subsidiary.


Exploring Eurasia

Europe can play a leading role in terms of energy, especially as an economic and social community

The new eurasian geo-economic center represents a development pole that can become an alternative to the Euro-Atlantic center