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The Americas

Our activities on the American continent are concentrated on exploration and development activities, as well as refining and technological research projects in collaboration with MIT.


A key alliance for innovation: from solar to deep water

The challenges we face

The United States continues to be a source of innovation and transformation in the energy sector. A long-standing producer that, just 10 years ago, seemed destined to continue importing increasing quantities of energy has, with the shale revolution, become one of the world’s main producers of fossil fuels, with implications that are not only energy-related but also geopolitical. 

As well as its leading role in hydrocarbon production and consumption, the USA is a powerhouse of creativity and technology, able to develop crucial innovations and turn energy and regulatory paradigms on their heads. This can be seen, for example, in the development and expansion of renewable energy, particularly in areas such as California.  Latin America also offers major development opportunities in the sector. Consider, for example, the reserves in Brazil and Venezuela, and the new exploration opportunities that have emerged in Guyana in recent years. This wealth of conventional resources and renewables opportunities requires a modern approach to policy-making and actions, such as Mexico’s recent reopening to international companies.

The strategy

Eni is pursuing major objectives in the Americas on several fronts, from exploration and production to refining, marketing, chemical engineering and research and development. Our new Upstream activities are focused on the eastern North Slope in Alaska and on the Mexican offshore, which forms a key part of our investment plans. And despite the difficulties currently preventing Venezuela from fully realising its enormous potential, we remain one of the leading companies operating in this country. In the refining, marketing and chemical engineering sectors, we produce and sell lubricants and methanol throughout the continent, as well as being involved in elastomer, styrene and polyethylene production. Since 2008, our research and development has been boosted by a strategic alliance with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which involves joint hi-tech and ultra-innovative research projects in solar energy, nuclear fusion and carbon capture and reuse.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology and us at 2019

in just over 10 years, developed unique technologies
> 40
inventions patented
since 2008, of which 28 in progress
one of the most important projects, the first Solar Frontier Center
MIT departments involved
2008 collaboration began
professors, researches, postgraduates, and students
> 140
MIT people involved in the research
ongoing efforts include nanotechnologies and materials for solar photovoltaics
scientific publications from 2008 to today
for low-carbon technologies and innovations
patent applications

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Our main American development projects

Our operations in the US make use of the most advanced technological solutions to minimise environmental impact.


Area 1 project

We acquired this area in the Gulf of Mexico in 2015 and completed the drilling programme two years later.

Full production of the Miztón field, where production began in 2019, will start in the early months of 2021 with the installation of a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit that will allow us to reach a production plateau.

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Collaboration with MIT

Since 2008 we have been collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston on numerous projects relating to renewable energy, the environment and workplace safety.

Most of the research focuses on renewables (especially solar), but also looks at fusion, energy storage and reservoir modelling.

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Our operations

From Canada to Argentina, from Mexico to the United States, we operate by adopting technologies and industrial processes that respect our surroundings. We currently operate in: