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This is the continent where we took our first steps outside of Italy in 1954 and where the cornerstones of our business model were established.


The past, present and future of the company

The challenges we face

Eni’s relationship with Africa is an essential part of its heritage. The continent in which the ‘six-legged dog’ took its first steps beyond Italy, back in 1954, links to the company’s past, present and future. Often referred to as the oldest continent on earth, Africa now has a new and increasingly important strategic role that challenges traditional stereotypes, with 70 per cent of the population aged under 30. But it remains a complex continent. While north Africa is pursuing industrialisation and expanding throughout the industrial value chain, in sub-Saharan Africa hundreds of millions of people still do not have access to electricity – a key factor in improving quality of life and fostering development. 

Africa provides more than half of all Eni’s crude oil and natural gas, making us the leading international producer on the continent. We will continue our expansion by setting up development initiatives with ever-more stakeholders, encouraging continuous and sustainable growth.

Our strategy

‘Our Africa’ incorporates the three cornerstones of our business: our path to decarbonization, our co-operation model and our operating model. In line with the transformation strategy that was introduced in 2014 – based on efficiency, integration and use of new technologies – we want to strengthen and further diversify our portfolio in Africa. We will continue to pursue new exploration and production opportunities and expand our work in renewables, as well as combining our commercial operations with a commitment to uphold the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through local development projects. Our work in Africa is also helping us achieve one of our main objectives: decarbonization. Our conservation projects aim to protect the enormous wealth of forest in these countries and promote sustainable growth in the agricultural sector, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa


Investment in local development in 2018

Professional training and the construction of the school infrastructure
Investment in the Sub-Saharan area
In Luanda, 2 million people, approximately 240,000 children
Investment in Kilamba Kiaxi project in Angola
Investments for the communities
Investment in infrastructure development
€46,7 mln Investment in Africa
For over 18 million people
1 GWinstalled
Power thermal power plants in sub-Saharan
Healthcare, and particularly children’s healthcare, through vaccination programs
Investment in Salissa Mwana project in Congo
The total power is set to reach 5 GW in 2025
Electricity from renewable sources by 2022

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The commitment to forest conservation

Africa has an immense forest heritage that we want to conserve. We are committed to reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, not only by diversifying our business activities, but also by focusing on forestry projects that have a positive impact on communities, in terms of economic and social development. Forests help to develop new businesses and increase employment. Our strategy involves project development for the "Reduction of emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation" (REDD +) through international initiatives and valuable partnerships. We have already made initial agreements by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of forest projects in partnership with international developers.



Protecting forests in Africa

The preservation of the continent's forestry assets is an integral part of our low-carbon strategy.

We have started forestry projects in many countries including Zambia, Ghana, Angola and we are members of REDD+'s governance.

The main development projects on the African continent

We develop business activities in the area, promoting local socio-economic growth.


OCTP and integrated development in Ghana

Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) is located about 60 kilometres off the west coast of the country. 

It is an integrated project launched in the deep waters of Ghana that combines value creation and environmental sustainability in an large single initiative.

More about OCTP

Kilamba Klaxi and promoting health

We carried out a three-year health-nutritional project with Eni Foundation for women and children in the city of Luanda in Angola. SDGs: 3,4

The project was launched to increase citizen awareness of disease prevention and to promote self-care including through food education for families.


More about Kilamba Kiaxi

Solar power in Algeria

In 2018 we opened a 10 MW solar plant in Algeria at the Bir Rebaa North oil field.

The plant, jointly operated by us and Sonatrach, will ensure Upstream activities are self-sufficient from an energy point of view.


Our operations

The six-legged dog left its first paw prints in the Egyptian desert in 1954. Today Africa supplies more than half of our total production of crude oil and natural gas, making our company the leader in the continent.