Our work in Norway

We have been operating in the country since 1965. In the Norwegian Sea, the Norwegian North Sea and the Barents Sea we operate in Exploration & Production, Refining & Marketing and Chemicals, and Plenitude.


Our presence in the area with the JV Vår Energi, the largest independent company in the E&P sector in Norway

Business in Norway is very relevant to us; and that is why we are active in this Country through the joint venture Vår Energi. Established in 2018 between Eni and the PE HitecVision Fund, it is a leading company in the Oil and Gas sector on the Norwegian Continental Platform, with a solid and diversified portfolio, a best-practice oriented organization, and over 50 years of experience in NCS.

In 2023, we awarded 12 new exploration licenses with 5 operatorships, as a result of the “Awards in Predefined Areas 2022” (APA) by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of Norway.

The results of the APA 2022 consolidate Vår Energi’s position as a major independent energy company in Norway. The new exploration licenses actually are focused around Vår Energi key hubs but also includes high impact licenses in possible new hub areas.


A diverse mining portfolio


Our activities are mainly based in the Norwegian Sea, the Norwegian Northern Sea, and the Barents Sea, with a developed and undeveloped area of 27,512 square km (of which 6,686 square km belonging to Eni). Eni’s production in Norway amounted to 145 kboe/d in 2022. Exploration and production activities are regulated by concession contracts (Production License, PL). According to a PL, the holder is entitled to perform seismic surveys and drilling and production activities for a given number of years with possible extensions. Production comes from operated fields, by Vår Energi, of Goliat (Eni’s interest 45.40%) in the Barents Sea, Marulk (Eni’s interest 13.97%) in the Norwegian Sea, as well as Balder & Ringhorne (Eni’s interest 62.87%) and Ringhorne East (Eni’s interest 48.88%) in the Norwegian section of the North Sea. These fields amounted to approximately 18% of Eni’s production in the Country. Furthermore, Vår Energi holds interests in 32 production licences in the Norwegian section of the North Sea and in the Norwegian Sea, including: Ekofisk area, Snorre, Grane, Statfjord, Fram, Sleipner, Åsgard, Tyrihans, Ormen Lange, Mikkel, Kristin e Heidrun.

Vår Energi participates in 137 exploration licenses, of which 35 as operators. Recent discoveries in this sector have confirmed the success of the “ILX” (“Infrastructure Led Exploration”) exploration strategy, aimed at the distribution of additional high-value reserves, with a fast time to market. The mineral interest portfolio increases were as follows:

  • in January 2022, five exploration licenses were acquired as operator and five licenses in partnership. The licenses are distributed over the three main sections of the Norwegian continental shelf
  • in 2021 eight exploration licenses were acquired as operator and five licenses in partnership, mainly located in the North Sea and the Barents Sea.

We create energy

In Norway, we launched three major development activities thanks to the Goliat, Balder X and Johan Castberg hydrocarbon production projects. 

Gigantic Goliat

The advanced technology of the enormous cylindrical platform that houses Goliat makes it the only one in the world. Its design copes with the Barents Sea's Arctic conditions by incorporating a series of revolutionary innovations that ensure safe and stable operations.

Discover Goliat
Discover Goliat