Our work in Cyprus

We have been present on the territory since 2013 and hold interests in seven licenses of the country's exclusive economic waters in Blocks 2,3,6,8 and 9, and we have participating interests in Blocks 7 and 11 operated by TotalEnergies.


Another gas discovery offshore Cyprus

On December 2022, a new gas discovery offshore Cyprus with the well Zeus-1, drilled in Block 6, 162 km off the coastline in 2300 meters of water depth, confirms the promising outlook for the area and its development. The gas in place associated to this reservoir is preliminarily estimated between 2 and 3 TCF.

Eni makes a significant gas discovery offshore Cyprus

In august 2022, Eni announces a significant gas discovery in the Cronos-1 well drilled in Block 6, 160 km off Cyprus coastline, in 2,287 metres of water depth. The Block is operated by Eni Cyprus holding 50% interest with TotalEnergies as partner. The gas discovery of Cronos-1 can unlock additional potential in the area and is part of Eni’s successful effort to provide further gas supply to Europe. 

The methane hidden in rocks

We operate in the country through the company Eni Cyprus Ltd. In February 2018 we made a gas discovery in the Calypso 1 well located in Block 6, of which we are 50% operators. The well, drilled at a depth of 2,074 meters of water and a total depth of 3,827 meters, has encountered an extensive column mineralized with methane gas in rocks of the Miocene and Cretaceous ages, the latter with excellent reservoir properties. The well is a promising discovery and detailed sampling on fluids and rocks has confirmed that the Zohr play extends into the exclusive economic waters of Cyprus. For an accurate evaluation of the size of the finding we will need to carry out new studies and a delineation programme.

Encouraging local development

Our initiatives in the countries we work in are based on an integrated approach involving local communities and partners, sharing our skills and funds with them. In line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, our initiatives help provide access to energy, water and sanitation, diversify the economy, give education and professional training, protect the landscape and improve health services for communities.  In Cyprus we are providing funds for initiatives to strengthen the education of local workforce and young graduates in relation to the energy sector, in line with Sdg 4.