Our work in Egypt

We have been contributing to the growth of this country with its millennium of history since 1954, where we now operate in the E&P, Global Gas & LNG, G&P and R&M and Chemical sectors.

Le nostre attività in Egitto

The most recent exploration activities

Exploration and development in Egypt is regulated by a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) contract. The main production activities are carried out in the Shorouk block (Eni 50%), in the Mediterranean offshore with the giant Zohr gas field, the Sinai concession, mainly in the Belayim Marine-Land and Abu Rudeis fields (Eni 100%), the Western Desert in the Meleiha (Eni 76%) and South West Meleiha (Eni 100%) concessions, where production began in 2019, and the Ras Qattara (Eni 75%) and West Abu Gharadig (Eni 45%) concessions and the Ashrafi (Eni 50%), Baltim (Eni 50%), Nile Delta (Eni 75%), North Port Said (Eni 100%), North Razzak (Eni 100%) and Temsah (Eni 50%) concessions. Furthermore, we participate in the Ras el Barr (Eni 50%) and South Ghara (Eni 25%) concessions. ​

In August 2018, the Egyptian authorities approved the extension of the Nile Delta concession containing the Abu Madi West concession with the Nooros field, for exploration activity with the El Qar'a permit (Eni 75%) for a further ten years starting from 2021, within the prolific Grand Nooros production area, for the Ras Qattara concession in the Western Desert and the Faramid development concession (Eni 100%) for a further five-year period. In February 2019, two new exploration blocks were assigned in the inland area of ​​the country. The South East Siwa (Eni 100%), in the western desert, and West Sherbean (Eni 50%, operator), in the onshore of the Nile Delta, near the Nooros producing fields (Eni 75%). In 2019, we made a gas discovery in the Nour exploration prospectus (operated by us with 40%) in addition to other near field discoveries in the western desert in the elevations of Basma and Shemy, in the Nile Delta in the onshore prospect of El Qara North East 1 and in the Gulf of Suez in the Sidri South prospect. We have already connected some discovery wells to the production facilities in the area. In addition, exploration activities yielded positive results also thanks to the Faramid-S1X well in the East Obayed concession (Eni 100%), the A-2X and B1-X oil discoveries and the recent discovery of A-1X gas and condensates in the South West Meleiha permit.

Again in the same year, exploration activity proved successful with a gas discovery under the exploration license of El Qar'a in the Nile Delta. In addition, we completed the SWM-A-3X gas and condensate discovery under the South West Meleiha permit and the Nour-1 well, gas mineralised, under the Nour exploration license (Eni's interest 40%). The new discoveries confirm Eni's positive exploration track-record in the country, with continuous technological progress in exploration activities, which has also allowed the exploitation of residual mineral potential even in mature production areas.

Development activities focused on increasing the potential capacity of processing facilities relating to the Zohr field, which saw the completion and start-up of three other onshore gas processing units and three further production wells in 2019, for a total of 13. In addition, we began the Baltim South West project (Eni 50%, operator) in the offshore of the country with the installation of a new platform and a 44 km pipeline. In the Nooros field (Eni 75%, operator) we completed a new pipeline of 128 km to transport gas four months ahead of schedule and we continued with infilling and production optimising activities in the Sinai (Eni 100%, operator), Meleiha (Eni's interest 76%) and Ras Qattara (Eni's interest 75%) concessions. Remaining in the western desert, in 2019, we completed the installation of a pipeline in the South West Meleiha production area connecting the operated Meleiha treater. Finally, in the Sinai area we optimised the water reinjection project which has made it possible to achieve zero water discharge.

In July 2020 we have drilled the first exploration well in the conventional Egyptian waters of the Nile Delta, on the prospect called Bashrush. The discovery, which further extends to the west the gas potential from the Great Nooros Area, is located 12 km North-West from the Nooros field and about 1 km west of the Baltim South West field, both already in production. The well has been opened to test potentiality of production, and it delivered up to 32 MMscfd of gas. The test rate was limited by surface testing facilities. The well deliverability in production configuration is estimated at up to 100 MMscf of gas and 800 barrels of condensate per day. Together with our partners BP and Total, in coordination with the Egyptian Petroleum Sector, we will begin screening the development options of this new discovery, with the aim of fast tracking production through synergies with the area's existing infrastructures. In parallel, we will continue to explore the Great Nooros Area with the drilling of another exploration well called Nidoco NW-1 DIR, located in the Abu Madi West concession. 

In the same month we announced the successful drilling of the SWM-A-6X well, in the South West Meleiha development and exploration concession located in the Egyptian Western Desert. The new well has been drilled close to existing production facilities and is already connected to the production network. The production from South West Meleiha Concession began in July 2019 and in just one year ramped up to 12,000 bopd thanks to the contribution of new discoveries. The SWM-A-6X well is already on stream with a daily production of 5,000 bopd. We are successfully implementing its near-field exploration strategy in the Egyptian Western Desert through AGIBA, a Joint Venture with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).

In September 2020 we announced a new gas discovery in the so-called Great Nooros Area. The exploratory well Nidoco NW-1 is located in 16 meters of water depth, 5 km from the coast and 4 km north from the Nooros field. With BP as contractor member and in coordination with the Egyptian Petroleum Sector will begin screening the development options of this new discovery benefitting of the synergies with the area's existing infrastructures.

In the 2020 the new discoveries confirm the positive track-record of Eni’s exploration in the Country leveraging on the continuous technology progress in exploration activities that allows to re-evaluate the residual mineral potential in mature production areas. The development activities related to the discoveries started up in production or whit start-up expected in 2021 will leverage on the synergies with the existing facilities confirming the effectiveness of the incremental exploration strategy focused on high-value opportunities with fast time-to-market to support production level and cash flow in the short-term.  In 2020 development activities concerned:

  • the drilling of infilling wells in the production fields located in the Sinai area (Eni operator with a 100% interest) and Meleiha Complex (Eni operator with a 76% interest)
  • the development of near-field discoveries made in the year which were readily put into production in the Arcadia South, Meleiha, South West Meleiha and Baltim SW (Eni’s interest 50%) operated fields. 

In particular, the Baltim SW project includes a full field development phase with the drilling of two additional productive wells, maintenance activities and extensive asset integrity programs at the onshore and offshore facilities of the Sinai, Western Desert and Mediterranean assets.

In June 2021 we signed an agreement with the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and Lukoil for the merger of the concessions of Meleiha and Meleiha Deep, in Egypt's Western Desert, and their extension to 2036, with the possibility of reaching further to 2041. The agreement will unlock, through enhanced contractual terms, the area’s considerable resources, thanks to a high-resolution 3D seismic acquisition and an intensive exploration and development drilling campaign.

In October we announced new discoveries in Meleiha and South West Meleiha concessions, in the Western Desert of Egypt. Preliminary estimates of the resources associated to these new discoveries are at 50 Mboe of hydrocarbon in place. Altogether, the new discoveries add more than 6,000 barrels of equivalent oil per day (boed) to Eni’s gross production. We are continuing to pursue our successful near field and infrastructure-led exploration strategy in the Egyptian Western Desert through Agiba, a joint venture between Eni and Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), which allows a quick valorization of these new resources.

In October we announced new discoveries in Meleiha and South West Meleiha concessions, in the Western Desert of Egypt. Preliminary estimates of the resources associated to these are at 50 Mboe of hydrocarbon in place. Altogether, these add more than 6,000 barrels of equivalent oil per day (boed) to Eni’s gross production. We are continuing to pursue our successful near field and infrastructure-led exploration strategy in the Egyptian Western Desert through Agiba.

The restart of Damietta liquefied natural gas plant

The liquefaction plant in Egypt, owned by SEGAS (50% Eni, 40% EGAS and 10% EGPC), with a capacity of 7.56 billion cubic meters per year, which has been idle since November 2012, has resumed production in March 2021. The purchase of Egyptian LNG consolidates Eni's integrated development strategy by increasing the volumes and flexibility of its portfolio, in synergy with its Upstream assets. Through this agreement, the company strengthens its presence in the East Mediterranean, a key region for the supply of natural gas, which is a fundamental resource for the energy transition.

Moreover, the construction of a new gas treatment plant, which will be connected to the Western Desert Gas Complex in Alexandria, will allow to further exploit region's gas reserves, strengthening Eni's role as the largest gas producer in Egypt.

Signed an agreement to produce hydrogen in Egypt

In July 2021 we signed an agreement with the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) and the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of projects to produce hydrogen in the country. We will conduct a study into joint projects to produce green hydrogen, using electricity generated from renewables, and blue hydrogen, through the storage of CO2 in depleted natural gas fields. The study will also analyse the potential local market consumption of hydrogen and export opportunities. This agreement is part of the path that Eni has undertaken to reach the target of eliminating Scopes 1, 2 and 3 net emissions (Net GHG Lifecycle Emissions) and cancelling out the relative emission intensity (Net Carbon Intensity) by 2050, referring to the entire life cycle of the energy products sold. It will also support Egypt’s strategy for energy transition, diversifying its energy mix.

We create energy

In Egypt we are engaged in the offshore and onshore development of the Zohr, Nooros, Baltim W and Meleiha projects for the production of hydrocarbons, and we also aim to have a positive impact on communities with our initiatives. Within the social responsibility initiatives, in 2020 the programs concerned  three socio-economic and health programs defined by the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2017 are currently to be implemented.

Zohr, a discovery that never ceases to amaze us

In August 2019, the processing capacity of the largest field ever discovered in the Mediterranean reached over 2.7 billion cubic feet of gas per day (bcfd) about five months ahead of the Development Plan schedule. Less than two and a half years after its discovery, Zohr has helped to make Egypt self-sufficient in the gas sector and marked the beginning of a new phase of offshore exploration activity.

Discover Zohr
Discover Zohr

Nooros, the Nile Delta and its gas

We discovered the field (of which we are operators with 75%) in July 2015 and put it into production in record time in September of the same year. In 2018, we completed the start-up of two further development wells and in 2019 we have built a pipeline for gas carriage to the El Gamil treater.

Discover Nooros
Discover Nooros

A healthcare centre, a youth centre and a Technology School opened in Port Said

In January 2020 we opened a new primary healthcare centre in the city of Port Said, in northeastern Egypt, which will guarantee access to emergency services, dentistry, paediatrics, vaccinations and pharmacy services to a population of 20,000 people and a youth centre to provide training and recreational opportunities in the Emirates district and neighbouring communities. Both projects are part of the sustainability and health initiatives envisaged by the Zohr Social and Health Initiatives Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The healthcare centre, built in line with architectural accessibility criteria , houses 15 clinics and 2 analysis labs, administrative offices, a warehouse and accommodation for healthcare staff. The construction of the healthcare centre is part of a larger Community Health Project aimed at supporting primary and emergency healthcare services in Port Said Governorate. The programme includes infrastructure works, training courses in Egypt and abroad for healthcare staff and awareness-raising activities in the local community on the issue of health. In 2018, as part of the same programme, a healthcare centre was also built in al-Garabaa, in the Port Said Governorate. Through these activities, 800,000 people are now able to access healthcare services. The youth centre, on the other hand, aims to meet the needs of boys and girls living in the project area, promoting their active participation in the country’s social and economic life. The structure is fully equipped to offer quality services (a library, a gym, reading rooms, classrooms for training courses, a sewing workshop and computer room, a playground for children, a football field, a multipurpose sports field, an athletics track and a recreation area).  The training activities will be carried out in collaboration with recognised bodies that are tasked with supporting the Egyptian authorities in managing the centre and in organising activities for the human development of young people. The goal is to provide training services to at least 500 boys and girls per year, with an indirect impact on the entire community of the Emirates district (around 20,000 people). In the photogallery below, highlights from the opening of the primary healthcare and the youth centre.

In October 2021 we also opened in Port Said The Zohr Applied Technology School, a flagship of technical education in Egypt. The school hosts 264 students ranging from 15 to 18 years old, aiming to reach 792 youths by the end of the academic cycle. It offers 5 fields of specialization that may increase or change over the years, in line with the labour market needs: Energy, Electrics, Information and Technology (IT), Mechanical maintenance and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC). The institute, which employs 38 teaching and non-teaching staff, while providing technical education and specialized vocation training in accordance with the highest international standards to enhance opportunities for access to employment for youths.  More than 20 companies are involved in the project, actively contributing to developing curriculum and apprenticeship programs for students. Don Bosco Institute of Cairo has provided training to the staff.


The Zohr Applied Technology School fosters opportunities for youths

In Egypt Eni is working together with public and private actors: together they are building a school that hosts more than 700 students by the end of the cycle.


Exploring Egypt

Our story in this country is intimately linked to the Nile and the fertile land around it.

Still today, much of the country's richness is linked to the gas under its waters, from the Nile Delta to the Zohr field.

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