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At Eni we care about our people

Our people enjoy a wide range of rewards, benefits and welfare initiatives.

At Eni you’ll enjoy a progressive, inclusive and forward-thinking environment, and a wide range of benefits and rewards. We care about our people's growth, which is why we invest in talent and offer development pathways to give everyone the same opportunity to flourish with us.    

We offer a number of desirable benefits and remuneration policies which are benchmarked against competitors in our industry. Learn more below about the advantages of joining Eni.

Reasons to join us


  • A multicultural working environment: You’ll join a dynamic setting with cutting-edge facilities, the latest technology, and a rich and interesting mix of people from all backgrounds and specialisms.
  • Smart working: Designed to help bridge the gap between work and home, for some roles and locations we offer the option to work remotely. 
  • Training & career growth: We provide training opportunities at the highest standard and encourage self-development, both in a personal capacity and a professional one.
  • Take on exciting challenges: Eni's focus is on big and ambitious projects. You'll take on challenging but rewarding work as we work together to realise our ambitious decarbonisation targets and improve access to energy for people all over the world. 
  • Pension programmes: Depending on your role, location and contract type, you could enrol in one of our contributory pension programmes. 
  • Compensation & incentive programmes: We reward you for your commitment and success through our competitive compensation policy, which is bespoke to each location’s local regulations. 
  • Make a difference in the world: Our purpose extends further than supplying energy to power the world. Sustainable development and respect for the environment is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our Remuneration Policy

Our remuneration policies are defined according to a global, integrated model. Salary progression is linked exclusively to meritocratic criteria based on the skills required by the role, annual performance and benchmarking within the local salary market.

Since 2011, Eni has monitored the salaries of employees according to gender on an annual basis, noting that salaries are substantially aligned.

We reward our employees for their commitment to achieving our company’s strategies and objectives, considering:

  • Actions and behaviours aligned with our values and culture: an environment that nurtures diversity and equal opportunities, enhancing knowledge and professionalism, and maintaining integrity as we describe in our Code of Ethics and in the Eni Policy "Our people".
  • Individual roles and responsibilities, the results achieved and the quality of their professional contribution.
  • Geographical context and the local employment market.
  • Incentives linked to the achievement of corporate objectives as well as specific projects and activities.

International mobility is essential to the development of our business and our people. Therefore, we offer remuneration policies in line with international standards that compensate for the potential inconvenience of moving abroad, such as providing support for accommodation, children's education, return travel and family reunification. 

Health promotion and disease prevention

In Italy, we work with medical service experts and providers to promote disease prevention and information initiatives, as part of our commitment to creating a culture of care for our people’s health. The voluntary disease prevention screenings that we offer in Italy include:

  • Early Diagnosis Plan: an annual cancer prevention programme according to age group and gender, carried out nationwide in cooperation with the Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer.
  • Prevent with Eni: a two-yearly check-up (with screenings aimed mainly at cancer prevention) carried out in partnership with qualified organisations throughout the country. The project, which is already active in some locations, is gradually being extended throughout Italy.
  • Support for health also extends to listening and providing information on specific issues, such as the provision of an information desk that cancer patients can contact for psychological support, guidance and information. This was created in collaboration with AIMaC (Italian Association of Cancer Patients).

Worldwide, we offer private health cover to our people and their immediate families, along with regular medical screenings. 

Agreements with health centres and clinics

All our people worldwide have access to health centres for first aid and medical examinations.

In Italy, we have signed agreements with San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and Campus Bio-Medico University in Rome to offer employees access to innovative health care facilities. Thanks to these agreements, it is also possible to benefit from discounts on the price of specialist services. In addition, some of our production sites in Italy have a number of on-site occupational medicine and health protection centres.

In 2020, Eni also developed an operating platform to provide services to employees through occupational health and hygiene, travel medicine, health care and medical emergencies, as well as health promotion initiatives for Eni people and the communities in which we operate. During the year, the programme to implement the health management system continued in order to promote and maintain the health and well-being of our people and ensure adequate risk management in the workplace.


We have always supported our people when they become parents. To help our people understand the company’s employment policies for parents, we provide a useful guide that summarises all the information on compulsory and optional leave, rest and leave. Since 2015, we’ve ensured that the minimum maternity standards set by the International Labour Organization (ILO) apply to all our people, everywhere in the world.

Our employees throughout the world, where the parental leave guaranteed by local law is lower than the ILO standard, are entitled to a minimum of 14 weeks of leave with payment of an allowance equal to at least two thirds of their recent salary.

In addition, in September 2017, Eni adopted a comprehensive internal procedure to introduce a minimum standard for paternity leave (10 working days with 100% pay). The  minimum standard for maternity leave is also now a guaranteed 10 working days paid at 100% of salary, included in the 14 weeks already provided.

We also joined the MAAM project - Maternity as a Master - dedicated to working women, new mothers and all those about to become one. It’s the first programme in the world to enhance the training potential of the parental experience: MAAM looks at the maternity period as an opportunity to develop and enhance soft skills that are also useful in the professional environment, such as listening, time management and resilience.

In 2020, a new service was designed and implemented in Italy to help parents deal with the complexity of the new context. This led to the creation of “SOS Genitori” and “Genitori Digitali”, two online training courses comprising a programme of seminars and group counselling sessions delivered by child development experts, which deal with various topics such as the impact of digital technologies on daily life, new educational needs and building relationships.

Smart Working

Our people can adopt Smart Working. This tool promotes a better balance between professional and personal needs and saves on travelling time, also generating benefits from an environmental perspective.

Introduced at Eni as early as 2017, it was further enhanced in 2021 to achieve a much better reconciliation between private and working life. In Italy, colleagues working in offices and at industrial sites can choose Smart Working. As an additional corporate welfare measure, Eni has also expanded the Smart Working Welfare & Sustainability options focusing on parents, employees affected by health conditions or with disabled family members.

Flexible hours

 We provide flexible working hours on a weekly and seasonal basis to promote our employees’ work-life balance. 

Eni nursery school 0-6

The Eni nursery school opened in 2010 in San Donato Milanese, Milan. Since 2019, it is also available to the children of employees in Rome. The nursery is open from early until late each working day, in order to offer flexibility to working parents. The learning approach is based on important principles such as the stability of the educational team, support for parents, educational continuity for children aged 0-6, and putting the child and their individuality at the centre of the educational journey. The school provides important support to employees in reconciling the demands of private and working life, with positive effects on overall employee well-being.

Special focus is given to STEM disciplines and inclusion issues.

Introducing children to the world of science, technology, and mathematics helps them acquire and develop transversal skills. The aim is to open their eyes to the world through experiences and projects arising from their surroundings and the questions they ask themselves.

The issues of diversity and inclusion run throughout the school programme.

Activities are organised to highlight, strengthen and enhance each child's individual characteristics to encourage greater acceptance of everyone. 

Summer stays

Summer holidays are an important part of Eni's welfare programme. They are organised in seaside and mountain resorts for children between the ages of 6 and 14, offering the opportunity to spend a holiday playing, participating in sports, discovering new places and making new friends. They are run by experienced and qualified instructors, offering a rich programme of age-appropriate activities. In addition to sports, games and recreation, the holidays also include English language learning courses, school orientation support and workshops on environmental issues.

As well as planning workshops, sports, games and recreational activities, the camps also include workshops on environmental issues such as recycling, energy saving and the principles of a circular economy to foster a culture of environmental awareness.

Workshops are also offered to help children develop a non-judgemental way of thinking that is open to listening and debate. These are designed to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion and are tailored to different age groups. Activities may cover topics such as bullying, cyberbullying, body shaming and hate.

Summer camps

Summer camps are available to teenagers aged 15 to 16. They offer a holiday – mainly in English – featuring sports, cultural and nature activities. By practising English daily, increasing knowledge of the language through participation in a fun and educational programme, the aim is to improve confidence in using the English language.

The activity programme includes opportunities for discussion and dialogue on environmental and sustainability issues linked to the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. It also offers training/information courses to raise awareness among young people on intercultural issues and respect for human rights.

Support to care givers

In our headquarters in Italy, new service lines have been launched to support employees facing challenges including care giving for elderly parents and dependent family members. These support services have been created in response to the emerging needs of families, and offer listening, inclusion and daily support.


Holiday stays for employees’ parents aged 65+

We offer holiday stays in seaside and mountain resorts, featuring a rich programme of social and entertainment activities and excursions. The holidays enhance well-being through a focus on health, nutrition and physical activity. The chosen locations have 24-hour medical support available nearby.

Affiliated gyms

Eni offers its people and their families the chance to enjoy discounted memberships at a network of around 2,000 sports centres throughout Italy and free access to live streaming and on-demand lessons. The offer is flexible and includes the possibility of changing the subscription plan and the chosen sports centre.

We provide a number of attractive benefits throughout the countries we operate in for employees who accept international assignments with us. If you take on one of these roles, you’ll be fully supported by our dedicated international HR teams, such as EIRL.

Experience industry-leading benefits

There are a wealth of exciting and varied challenges that come with working internationally. Find out more below about the international job opportunities we offer, how we’ll help you, and what our expatriates have to say about working overseas with us.

Global mobility, tax and housing

We consider international mobility to be one of the most important elements for professional and personal growth within our business. That’s why we’ll fully accommodate your needs while you adjust to life abroad – this includes supporting you with taxation, housing, accommodation, children’s education, return travel and family visits.

Training and development

Our bespoke training programmes are designed for you to get the most out of your time abroad and ensure you never stop learning while working on international assignments. We work closely with you and your line manager to give you access to all the courses and qualifications you need for professional development.

Retirement scheme

As an international employee, you’ll receive a flexible and highly competitive retirement scheme that has been designed to suit expatriate employees who often work and live outside their country of origin.

Family support

If you’re an international employee working outside of your country of origin with residential status, you may also qualify for benefits such as schooling support, housing support, local language training and working partner support. These ensure the whole family can enjoy a high quality of life while you’re working on an international assignment.

Health and well-being

We care about the happiness and well-being of our people. That’s why we offer vaccinations and access to the best private medical facilities at home and in your assignment location. We’ll also continue to look after you through regular medical check-ups and the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices and prevention campaigns.

Compensation and benefits

Our highly competitive compensation policy rewards hard work, while acknowledging the development of your knowledge in the workplace. This includes a competitive salary, enhanced annual holiday entitlement and a discretionary annual bonus. Our benefits package complements this – we’ll help to support your physical and financial well-being.

Support network

Whatever your specialism, you’ll join a global network of colleagues who you can share knowledge with on a regular basis. Your main point of contact for practical issues may be EIRL (based in London), who provide full guidance and can offer relevant resources to help you reach your potential. Each of our locations also has a dedicated HR team who can provide day-to-day local support.

Working as an expatriate

How will we ensure that you have the most seamless experience possible when relocating abroad? Find out in the video below about how we'll support you and the extensive benefits you'll receive as an expatriate, which are benchmarked against the international market.

Not only do we offer global international medical coverage, career assistance and educational support for you and your family, we'll give you all the tools necessary to culturally integrate into your new location.

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