Brand identity

Eni's brand identity

Every great story needs a great symbol and a specific identity. The six-legged dog symbolises innovation, courage and research; in other words, Eni.

Faithful to tradition, open to the future

Certain images, words and symbols have instant brand recognition. They become indelibly ingrained in our collective memory, their familiarity triggering associations, ideas, memories, even emotions. The six-legged dog is one of them. It is our brand identity, an image that is instantly associated with Eni and its values. It is the symbol of a history built on honouring the past and trust in the future, of courage, innovation and experience.  


An Italian brand with the world in its sights

Eni’s brand identity, in both its conception and development, marries the excellence of Italian design with the company’s unwavering dedication to internationalisation. It represents a company philosophy focused on combining a passion for technical innovation and process with fundamental values, such as integrity, respect for people and environmental protection. Today, our dynamic company successfully negotiates an increasingly competitive market, without forgetting our duty of care towards people and the landscapes in which we work.


The Eni brand: then, now and in the future

We are a company that looks to the future but stays faithful to its history and values. Eni has always been innovative while remaining firmly rooted in tradition, never straying from its core values, including communication, co-operation and culture. Our logo, the six-legged dog, now has to embrace a far broader range of meanings than in the past. Today, it represents Eni’s full potential and, at the same time, preserves a link to more than 60 years of challenges and achievements. It is this delicate but essential balance that has always been at the heart of Eni’s main communications campaigns, including, most recently, “Eni +1”.


“Eni +1”: 2019’s core campaign

The world’s population is set to top nine billion by 2040. With that, energy demands continue to rise and climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent issue. As an energy company, Eni knows it must take on a huge burden of responsibility as it looks to the future. We are facing a tremendous challenge as the effects of climate change on our daily lives continue to increase. Definitive action is required to fight it. This demands an integrated and detailed strategy, which takes the form of our path to decarbonization – combining action, innovation, technology and projects. To successfully change course, everyone has to do their part – companies, institutions and citizens. It is a challenge that affects us all and we can only overcome it if we all work together.

On the front line for a low-carbon future

The “Eni +1” campaign acknowledges the company’s front-line role in the move to a low-carbon future. Eni talks about its innovations and sustainable and circular-economy projects but, at the same time, it invites the public to make a change in their daily lives, suggesting positive behaviours that can help change the future of our planet. It is a collective call to action, summed up in the words “Finding new energy together”, where “new” means different, greater and more efficient.    


Facing the future together

In this sense, “Eni +1” has the same spirit and objectives as all the six-legged dog’s past campaigns: being relevant to their time, spreading far and wide the values that we believe in and adopt in our actions, and asking everyone, not just our customers, to walk together with us on the best path for us all.