Un mondo che non si ferma mai

Eni's brand identity

Every great story needs a great symbol and a specific identity. The six-legged dog symbolises innovation, courage and research; in other words, Eni.

Faithful to tradition, open to the future

Certain images, words and symbols have instant brand recognition. They become indelibly ingrained in our collective memory, their familiarity triggering associations, ideas, memories, even emotions. The six-legged dog is one of them. It is our brand identity, an image that is instantly associated with Eni and its values. It is the symbol of a history built on honouring the past and trust in the future, of courage, innovation and experience.  


An Italian brand with the world in its sights

Eni’s brand identity, in both its conception and development, marries the excellence of Italian design with the company’s unwavering dedication to internationalisation. It represents a company philosophy focused on combining a passion for technical innovation and process with fundamental values, such as integrity, respect for people and environmental protection. Today, our dynamic company successfully negotiates an increasingly competitive market, without forgetting our duty of care towards people and the landscapes in which we work.


The Eni brand: then, now and in the future

A company looking to the future while remaining true to its history and its values: Eni has always represented innovation in the wake of tradition. In this sense, it has never lost its focus on values including dialogue, cooperation and culture. Its brand, the Six-Legged Dog, is also called on to dialogue with many more meanings than in the past, and today shows its full potential, as it is able to maintain the ties with a history of 70 years of new challenges and new successes. This delicate and indispensable synthesis is always behind the advertising campaigns proposed by Eni, including: “What do you want to DO when you grow up? and “Energy of the past AND new energy”.

Communication BY all and FOR all

Eni’s communication is developing continuously, just like the company itself. And in the centre of it all there are people, and the work that Eni does constantly for and with them. This is the important premise on which the Employer Branding campaign was designed, in which the union of young professionals and the company begs a question that lays the foundation for the start of new, revolutionary projects: “What do you want to DO when you grow up?”.
The concept of union becomes even stronger in the institutional campaign: Energy of the past AND new energy, where in place of an “OR” that divides apparently opposing actions, we prefer an “AND” that reconciles them and turns them into a common pathway. For Eni, we don’t have to choose between transition and certainty, we have to connect: we believe it is possible to transit towards a Net Zero future while being certain of our energy procurement.