Republic of Congo
In detail:

  • the main activities related to the E&P sector conducted by Eni in the Republic of Congo in conventional and deep offshore and also onshore
  • Eni offices and contacts in the Republic of Congo

Exploration & Production

Eni has been present in Republic of Congo since 1968. In 2015, production, net to Eni, totalled 103 kboe/d. Activities are conducted in the conventional and deep offshore facing Pointe-Noire and onshore zones covering a developed and undeveloped area of 2,737 square kilometres (1,354 square kilometres net to Eni). Exploration and production activities in Congo are regulated by Production Sharing Agreements.

Production is mainly from the operated fields of Zatchi (Eni 56%), Loango (Eni 42.5%), Ikalou (Eni 100%), Djambala (Eni 50%), Foukanda and Mwafi (Eni 58%), Kitina ( Eni 52%), Awa Paloukou (Eni 90%), M’Boundi (Eni 83%), Kouakouala (Eni 75%), Zingali and Loufika (Eni 100%), with production in 2015 of 75,000 boe/day net to Eni. The non-operated fields located in the PEX, Pointe Noire Grand Fond and Likouala (Eni 35%) production permits provided a total of 28,000 boe/day net to Eni. Eni achieved production start-up of the Litchendjili field in the Marine XII block (Eni operator with a 65% interest) by means of the installation of a production platform, the construction of transport facilities and onshore treatment plant. Peak production is estimated at 14 kboe/d net to Eni and is expected in 2016. Natural gas production will feed the CEC power station (Eni’s interest 20%) while oil production start-up is expected with the next development wells.

Development activities progressed at the Nené Marine production field, started up in 2014, located in the Marine XII block, with the completion and start-up of two additional productive wells. In 2015, the final investment decision for the Phase 2 of Nené Marine was sanctioned and start-up is expected in the second half of 2016. The completion of the flaring down project of the M’Boundi field achieved a zero flaring target in the area, with a decrease of approximately 74 mmcf in daily volumes of gas flaring. In particular, the associated gas was fully valorized through: (i) a program of gas injection in order to optimize reserve recovery; (ii) a long-term supply contract to power plants in the area including the CEC power plant with a 300 MW generation capacity. In 2015, M’Boundi contractual supplies were approximately 14 kboe/d net to Eni. In addition, during the 2015, Eni and the local Authorities defined a frame cooperation agreement for the expansion of the CEC power plant, in order to promote the energy development in Congo and contribute to the Country’s growth.

Exploration activities yielded positive results in offshore Marine Block XII with:
  • appraisal well Nené Marine 3, confirming the area’s mineral potential in oil and gas
  • the Nkala Marine discovery with a mineral potential estimated in approximately 250-300 million boe. The exploration successes in the pre-salt sequences of the Marine XII block confirms Eni’s exploration technologies effectiveness. Eni estimates the resources in place of oil and gas to be approximately 5.8 billion boe.

Offices & contacts

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