In detail:

  • the main onshore and offshore activities related to the Upstream sector conducted by Eni in Libya since 1959
  • Eni’s presence, in the G&P sector, through the Green Stream gas pipeline
  • Eni offices and contacts in Libya


Eni started operations in Libya in 1959. Developed and undeveloped acreage were 26,636 square kilometers (13,294 square kilometers net to Eni). Production activity is carried out in the Mediterranean Sea near Tripoli and in the Libyan Desert area and includes six contract areas.

Onshore contract areas are:

  • Area A, consisting in the former concession 82 (Eni’s interest 50%);
  • Area B, former concessions 100 (Bu Attifel field) and the NC 125 Block (Eni’s interest 50%);
  • Area E, with El Feel (Elephant) field (Eni’s interest 33.3%);
  • Area F, with Block 118 (Eni’s interest 50%);
  • Area D with Block NC 169 that feeds the Western Libyan Gas Project (Eni’s interest 50%).

Offshore contract areas are:

  • Area C, with the Bouri oil field (Eni’s interest 50%);
  • Area D, with Block NC 41 that feeds the Western Libyan Gas Project.


In the exploration phase, Eni is operator in the onshore Contract Areas A and B and offshore Area D.

In recent years, Eni’s production levels in Libya were negatively impacted by the country’s political instability. More recently, Eni’s oil activities in the country have improved, reflecting a certain degree of normalization in the Country internal situation

and improving security conditions. In 2017, Eni’s production in Libya was 384 kboe/d, which represents the highest level of Eni’s production in the Country. Despite this and other positive developments, Libya’s geopolitical situation continues to represent a source of risk and uncertainty for the foreseeable future.

Exploration and production activities in Libya are regulated by six Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement contracts (EPSA). The licenses of Eni’s assets in Libya expire in 2042 and 2047 for oil&gas properties, respectively.



Development activities concerned:

  • the installation, commissioning and production start-up of a new FSO at the Bouri field;
  • the second development phase of the Bahr Essalam field with the installation of the offshore facilities and the completion of wells. The development plan foresees drilling and completion of ten production wells. Start-up is expected in 2018;
  • the drilling and linkage of two additional production wells at the Wafa field.


The upgrading activities of the compression capacity of Wafa plant progressed to support natural gas production. Start-up is expected in 2018.

In March 2017, Eni signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote health and education initiatives of local communities.

In particular, two starting programs were defined:

  • hospital renovation in the Jalo area;
  • the construction of a pipeline for the desalination plant to provide drinking water to communities in the area.


In addition, Eni is committed in other programs to support local communities in the country:

  • initiatives in the health, water and energy access at the Bu Attifel and El Feel production areas;
  • training programs of medical field and oil&gas sector.



Exploration activity yielded positive results with a new gas and condensates discovery in the contractual area D.

The discovery is located nearby to the Bouri and Bahr Essalamproduction fields. The exploration success is in line with Eni’s exploration strategy of focusing on near-field incremental activities, leveraging on the synergies with existing facilities, reducing the time-to-market and providing for additional gas to the local market and export. In April 2017, the country’s Authorities extended the exploration license period until 2019.

Gas & LNG Marketing and Power

The gas activities are performed through the Green Stream pipeline for the import of Libyan gas produced at the Eni operated fields of Bahr Essalam and Wafa . The pipeline is 520-kilometer long with a transport capacity of 8 bcm/y crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Mellitah on the Libyan coast to Gela in Sicily, the point of entry into the Italian natural gas transport system.

The capacity of the pipeline amounts to approximately 8 billion cubic meters / year. The supply of natural gas in Libya in 2017 amounted to 4.76 billion cubic meters.

Offices & contacts

Exploration & Production 
Eni North Africa B.V. (Filiale) 
Dahra Building 

Gas & Power 
Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. 
Dat El Imad Complex 
P.O. Box 91651 

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