In detail:
  • the main activities related to the upstream sector conducted by Eni in Egypt since 1954
  • a focus on production activities Nooros and Zohr
  • Eni offices and contacts in Egypt

Exploration & Production

Eni has been present in Egypt since 1954. In 2018, Eni’s share of production in this Country amounted to 300 kboe/d and accounted for approximately 16% of Eni’s total annual hydrocarbon production. Developed and undeveloped acreage in Egypt was 15,903 square kilometers (5,248 square kilometers net to Eni).

Eni’s main producing operated activities are located in:

  • the Shorouk block (Eni's interest 50%) in the Mediterranean Offshore with the giant Zohr gas field;
  • the Sinai concession, mainly in the Belayim Marine-Land and Abu Rudeis fields (Eni's interest 100%);
  • the Western Desert in the Melehia (Eni’s interest 76%), Ras Qattara (Eni’s interest 75%) and West Abu Gharadig (Eni's interest 45%) concessions;
  • and (iv) Ashrafi (Eni’s interest 50%), Baltim (Eni’s interest 50%), Nile Delta (Eni’s interest 75%), North Port Said (Eni’s interest 100%), North Razzak (Eni’s interest 100%) and Temsah (Eni’s interest 50%) concessions.

Furthermore Eni participates in the Ras el Barr (Eni's interest 50%) and South Ghara (Eni's interest 25%) concessions. Exploration and production activities in Egypt are regulated by Production Sharing Agreements.

In August 2018, Egyptian Authority approved the following agreements:

  • Eni was awarded an 85% interest in the Nour exploration license in the eastern offshore Nile Delta. In December 2018, Eni divested a 20% and 25% interest of Nour license to Mubadala Petroleum and BP, respectively. Currently Eni holds 40% interest;
  • ten years extension from 2021 of the Nile Delta concession which includes Abu Madi West concession with Nooros producing field;
  • an extension of exploration campaign in the El Qar’a permit (Enis’ interest 75%), which is located in the Great Nooros sizeable producing area;
  • five years extension of the Ras Qattara concession in the Western Desert;
  • and an extension of the Faramid development lease.


Exploration activities yielded positive results with:

  • the Faramid-S1X gas well in the East Obayed concession (Eni’s interest 100%);
  • the A-2X and B1-X oil discoveries and the A-1X gas and condensates discovery in the South West Meleiha concession (Eni's interest 100%);
  • and the Nour-1 gas well in the Nour exploration license.


Shorouk block

In June 2018, Eni completed the disposal of a 10% interest of the Zohr project to Mubadala Petroleum, for a cash consideration of $934 million. In September 2018, one-year earlier than scheduled, the Zohr project achieved the targeted production plateau of 365 kboe/d (110 kboe/d net to Eni) with the completion of the drilling activities and the construction and commisioning of the planned four gas treatment units onshore in addition to the one started at the end of 2017, which increased available treatment capacity to more than 2.1 bcf/d. Management plans to step up the production plateau to 3.2 bcf/d during 2019 by building and commissioning other three gas treatment units and by drilling three additional production wells to reach 13 production wells.

Within the social responsibility initiatives are currently being implemented the programs defined by the MoU signed in 2017.

The agreement, which integrates the development activities of the Zohr project, defines two action programs, to be implemented in four years. The first included the renovation of the El Garabaa hospital, located nearby the Zohr onshore production facilities and the supply of necessary medical equipment. The planned activities were completed in May 2018. The second project, for an overall expense of $20 million, includes certain socio-economic and health programs to support local communities in the Zohr and Port Said areas.

The program defined with the stakeholders and the the local Authorities three main areas:

  • aquaculture and fisheries, in particular the construction of a fish district. The activities started up during 2018;
  • health care projects. A first project was defined in agreement with the Ministry of Health and includes the construction of a Primary Health Care Center which will provide health services to approximately 60,000 people in the Port Said area. The completion is expected in 2019. In addition, the project provides for the construction of the identified facilities and also further initiatives of health training and prevention;
  • and programs to support youth, in particular the construction of a youth center with completion expected in 2019.


Production. Production for the year amounted to 66 kbbl/d (44 kbbl/d net to Eni) and mainly comes from the Belayim Marine and Belayim Land fields. Development During the year, infilling activities and production optimization were performed to mitigate mature fields declines. Furthermore, the water reinjection project is completed in the area, achieving the zero water discharge.


North Port Said

Production. Production for the year amounted to approximately 20 kboe/d (approximately 15 kboe/d net to Eni), approximately 90 mmcf/d of natural gas and approximately 2 kbbl/d of condensates. Part of the production of this concession is supplied to the United Gas Derivatives Co (Eni’s interest 33.33%) with a treatment capacity of 1.3 bcf/d of natural gas and a yearly production of approximately 133 ktonnes of propane, 72 ktonnes of LPG and approximately 1 mmbbl of condensates.



Production. In 2018, production amounted to approximately 18 kboe/d (approximately 6 kboe/d net to Eni); approximately 70 mmcf/d of natural gas and 3 kbbl/d of condensates.

Development. Development activities concerned the Baltim South West project in the offshore of the Country. The project sanctioned in 2018 and start-up is expected during 2019.


Nile Delta

Production. Production comes mainly from the Nidoco NW and satellites fields as part of the Great Nooros Area project, in the Abu Madi West concession; in 2018 produced 213 kboe/d (105 kboe/d net to Eni).

Development. Development activities concerned the completion and start-up of two additional productive wells of the Nooros field and the construction of a pipeline for transporting gas to the treatment plan of El Gamil. The completion of the activities is expected in 2019.

Exploration. In February 2019, Eni was awarded the operatorship with a 50% interest in the West Sherbean block in the onshore of the Nile Delta nearby to the Nooros producing fields. In case of exploration success, the development activities will benefit from the existing facilities.


Ras el Barr

Production. In 2018, the production amounted to 40 kboe/d (15 kboe/d net to Eni), mainly gas from Ha’py and Seth fields.


El Temsah

Production. This concession includes the Tuna, Temsah and Denise fields. Production in 2018 amounted to approximately 47 kboe/d (approximately 12 kboe/d net to Eni); approximately 230 mmcf/d of natural gas and approximately 3 kbbl/d of condensates net to Eni.


Western Desert

Production. This area includes Meleiha, Ras Qattara and West Abu Gharadig concessions and in 2018 the production amounted to approximately 49 kboe/d (approximately 24 kboe/d net to Eni). In 2018 were performed infilling activities and production optimization. Exploration In February 2019, Eni was awarded a 100% interest in the South East Siwa onshore block.

Gas & LNG Marketing & Power

In Egypt, natural gas production amounts to 1,218.5 mmcf/d.

Offices & contacts

Exploration & Production 
Ieoc Production B.V. 
Building No. 200 and 201, Second Sector of City Centre, Fifth Settlement
New Cairo,
Arab Republic of Egypt
P.O. Box: 2 - Fifth Settlement, 11835

Tecnomare Egypt Ltd. 
4A St. 200, Degla, Maadi - Cairo, Egypt 
Tel. +20 2 7028432 
+20 2 7028349 
Fax. +20 2 7028461

Gas & Power 
Egyptian International Gas Technology Co. 
Gastec Building 
El Teseen -5th Street Settlement Area 
Cairo - Egypt

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