In detail:

  • the main activities related to the Exploration & Production sector conducted by Eni in Angola in conventional and deep offshore;
  • Eni offices and contacts in the country

Exploration & Production

Eni has been present in Angola since 1980. In 2018, Eni’s production averaged 146 kboe/d. Eni’s activities are concentrated in the conventional and deep offshore, over a developed and undeveloped acreage of 21,441 square kilometers (5,303 square kilometers net to Eni). The main Eni’s asset in Angola is the Block 15/06 (Eni operator with a 36.84% interest) with the West Hub and the East Hub projects. Eni participates in other producing blocks:

  • Block 0 in Cabinda offshore (Eni’s interest 9.8%) north of the Angolan coast;
  • Development Areas in the Block 3 and 3/05-A (Eni’s interest 12%) offshore of the Country;
  • Development Areas in the Block 14 (Eni’s interest 20%) in the deep offshore west of Block 0;
  • the Lianzi Development Area in the Block 14 K/A IMI (Eni’s interest 10%);
  • and Development Areas in the Block 15 (Eni’s interest 20%) in the deep offshore.

Exploration and production activities in Angola are regulated by concessions and PSAs. Eni continues its commitment to support socio-economic development in the southern region of the Country, in Huila and Namibe area.

In particular, activities progressed with:

  • access to energy from renewable sources and to water;
  • health initiatives through awareness projects of local communities, staff training programs, energy supplies for the Health Centers and Hospitals, also in the Luanda area;
  • and scholarship programs.

In 2018 activities concerned:

  • start-up of initiatives to support the agricultural development by means of the training centers;
  • (ii) mine removal programs of certain areas to increase safety, to guarantee land for agricultural use and to improve resilience and stability of the local communities;
  • and the “Luanda refinery reliability improvement and gasoline production” project. The activities include the development of specific solutions to improve the reliability of the Luanda refinery, to increase the fuel production through the installation of new production units, processes optimization and staff training. During the year a first unplanned maintenance was performed and the training program started.

Block 15/06

Production. Production comes from the West Hub and the East Hub projects that in 2018 produced 155 kboe/d. The development program plans to hook up the blocks discoveries to two FPSO in order to support production plateau. In November 2018, Eni signed an amendment of the Block 15/06 PSA contract that defines an additional exploration acreage in the western area of the block. The agreement confirms Eni’s near-field strategy for a fast-track development of exploration successes leveraging on existing production facilities.

Development. Development activities mainly concerned the two producing projects in the area. In particular, activity of the West Hub project included:

  • production ramp-up of the Ochigufu field was achieved with a production plateau of 25 kbbl/d;
  • and production start-up of the Vandumbu field.

In the East Hub project development activities concerned:

  • production start-up of UM8 field with the linkage to existing FPSO in the area;
  • upgrading of certain production facilities;
  • and the Cabaça North & Cabaça South-East UM4/5 projects were sanctioned; the development plan provides for the drilling of three productive wells, two water injection wells and the connection to the existing production facilities in the area. Start-up is expected in 2021.

Exploration. Exploration activities yielded positive results with:

  • the Kalimba and Afoxé oil discoveries in the East Hub project area with an estimated resources of 400-500 mmbbl of oil in place;
  • and the Agogo oil discovery in the West Hub project area with an estimated resources of 450-650 mmbbl of oil in place. The development of the discoveries will leverage on synergies with existing facilities.

Block 0

Production. Block 0 is divided into Areas A and B. In 2018, production from this block amounted to approximately 283 kbbl/d (approximately 28 kbbl/d net to Eni). Oil production from Area A, deriving mainly from the Takula, Malongo and Mafumeira fields amounted to 19 kbbl/d net to Eni. Production of Area B derives mainly from the Bomboco, Kokongo, Lomba, N’Dola, Nemba and Sanha fields, and amounted to 9 kbbl/d net to Eni. Associated gas of the area was delivered via the Congo River Crossing pipeline to the A-LNG liquefaction plant (see below) and partially supplied to the domestic market, for the power generation in Cabinda.

Development. Planned drilling activities were completed at the Mafumeira Sul production project.


Block 3 and 3/05-A

 Production. Block 3 is divided into three production offshore areas. Oil production is treated at the Palanca terminal and delivered to storage vessel unit and then exported. In 2018, production from this area amounted to approximately 25 kbbl/d (2 kbbl/d net to Eni).

Block 14

Production. In 2018, Development Areas in Block 14 produced approximately 84 kbbl/d (12 kbbl/d net to Eni). Its main fields are Landana and Tombua as well as Benguela-Belize/Lobito-Tomboco and Lianzi. Associated gas of the area was delivered via the Congo River Crossing pipeline to the A-LNG liquefaction plant (see below).

Block 15

Production. The block produced approximately 256 kbbl/d (32 kbbl/d net to Eni) in 2018. Its main fields are:

  • the Hungo/ Chocalho, started up in 2004 and Marimba started up in 2007 as part of phase A of the global development plan of the Kizomba reserves;
  • the Kissanje/Dikanza, started-up in 2005 as part of Phase Kizomba B;
  • Saxi/Batuque and Mondo, started-up in 2008 and operated by two added FPSO units;
  • Clochas and Mavacola, started-up in 2012 as part of Kizomba Satellites Phase 1;
  • and Bavuca, Kakocha and Mondo South, started-up in 2015 as part of Kizomba Satellites Phase 2.

The LNG business in Angola

Eni holds a 13.6% interest of the Angola LNG (A-LNG) which runs the plant, located in Soyo, with treatment capacity of approximately 350 bcf/year of feed gas and a liquefaction capacity of 5.2 mmtonnes/y of LNG. In 2018 production net to Eni averaged approximately 20 kboe/d.

Offices and contacts

Exploration & Production 
Eni Angola S.p.A - Sucursal de Angola 
Downtown Center Building, 19 Joaquim Figueiredo Street,  12º Floor 
P.O. BOX 1289 
Luanda – Angola 
Tel. (00244) 222 391894

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