In detail:

  • the MyEni portal, accessible by all Eni employees
  • the Engage programme, the channel that ensures broad, timely and interactive cross-sector communications
  • a table showing figures regarding the engagement of Eni people

Corporate communication strategies

Internal communication is increasingly central in our corporate communication strategies and is a fundamental driver of engagement for people in the company. The main objective is to disseminate the company’s strategies and enhance the excellence, not only operational, but of our people, through projects that involve all employees, starting from senior management. The tools that enable us to communicate and enhance our company effectively include: an editorial plan, internal campaigns, ad hoc projects, live events and communication plans dedicated to the business. In 2016 the most important internal communication tools at Eni were the corporate intranet (“myeni”), the survey “Your Eni 2016” and the Engage Programme.

The myeni intranet

The corporate intranet remains the main instrument of internal communication and support for the daily activities of Eni’s people, who use the intranet both to keep up to date with the company’s strategies, successes and initiatives, and as a space for dialogue with the launch of calls-to-action and special initiatives with which colleagues are able to participate in corporate life. Another central instrument for the involvement of people is the CEO’s blogThe energy of dialogue”, with which the chief executive can talk openly with people throughout the company. The blog, which is published on the intranet, features posts by the CEO on the company’s results and strategies, as well as motivational messages and accounts of institutional events. Being able to comment and respond freely, everyone at Eni, both in Italy and abroad, have access to an authentic “direct line” with the top management.


Engagement of people
Eni Engage – number of online meetings (number) 7 12 13
Eni Engage – access to online meetings (total clicks) 29,252 34,487 34,102
Eni Engage – opinion on clarity of Eni objectives (max score 6) 4.7 4.8 4.9
MyEni – enabled users on MyEni numero 26,172 24,396 24,664
MyEni – coverage of MyEni users on no. of employees in service (%) 77 73 75a
a) % on total employees in service as of December 2016.

“Your Eni 2016”

In 2016 a survey, called “Your Eni 2016” was completed, which saw the participation of 80% of the company’s staff (+9% compared to the previous survey in 2011), and an average engagement rate of 81%. After the survey, an “action plan” was defined and launched to address the problems that emerged from the analysis and to enhance aspects related to Listening and Feedback, Career Development, Skills and Innovation. The initiative was supported by an extensive internal communications plan which involved the entire company around the world. The results of the survey were communicated by the Head of Services and Stakeholder Relations with a live streaming event for all Eni staff. Actions post analysis of the climate are accurately collected and communicated in a clear and transparent manner on a dedicated website.

The Engage Programme

The 2016 edition of the Engage Programme, an annual event to share objectives and the strategic plan through meetings in live streaming of all of the business lines, proposed a number of changes to meet the needs greater responsiveness and involvement of Eni’s people. Among the most appreciated new elements, has been the cross-fertilization between business areas for a more integrated approach and greater interaction on the website dedicated to the programme.

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