In detail:

  • the MyEni portal, accessible by all Eni employees
  • the Engage programme, the channel that ensures broad, timely and interactive cross-sector communications
  • a table showing figures regarding the engagement of Eni people

The MyEni portal

The MyEni portal is the main entry into Eni’s world, a communication tool and support for daily activities. Visible in the Italian version to all employees, the international version (MyEni International) is currently accessible from all the subsidiaries connected to the Eni IT network.

The Engage programme

The Engage programme is addressed to all Eni people with the aim of transmitting the company’s strategies in each business area, in 2016 it is in its tenth edition. Through meetings in person and via streaming, the programme ensures cross-company communication that is both timely and interactive.

Engagement of people
Eni Engage – access to online meetings (total clicks)   28,449 25,809 32,359
Myeni – enabled users on MyEni   22,193 22,968 20,285
Myeni – coverage of Myeni users on no. of employees in service (%) 76 80 72

The table does not contain information relating to the subsidiary Versalis SpA, since an agreement is being finalised for the sale of a controlling stake.

A strategy for all our people

Informing and engaging people about objectives, encouraging them to take an increasingly active role in change and innovation, reinforcing the sense of belonging to the company and a sense of being part of a team.

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