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NAOC's commitment to local content pre-dates the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act of 2010. NAOC in 1962 pioneered the participatory offer to the Federal Government

Promoting local content is one of NAOC's core values because NAOC has a passion for the growth and development and believes this is an assured path to Nigeria's sustainable economic development. It is therefore, fiercely committed to identifying with and supporting Government's pursuit of the national objective of local content development.

Major highlights of this commitment include:

  • Funding
  • Fabrication/construction
  • Capacity and Manpower Development
  • Partnerships
  • Other Achievements


  • Vendor Finance Scheme

    Between 2015 and 2016, Eni established a Vendor Finance Scheme with 2 banks, Stanbic IBTC and Zenith Bank PLc. The scheme ensures that the banks makes fund available for eligible Eni vendors to finance Contracts and Purchase Orders seamlessly. The resources to contact for fund facilitation are Mr. Segun Ashiru of Stanbic IBTC (Segun.Ashiru@stanbicibtc.com), Mr. James Otokwala of Zenith bank PLC (James.Otokwala@zenithbank.com) and NAOC NCD – Mr. Barry Nwibani (barry.nwibani@naoc.agip.it) for company enquiries. Various contractors have already begun to benefit from this scheme.
    In October 2017, NAOC has signed another Vendors' Finance Scheme with the United Bank for Africa Plc. The MoU provides credit facilities to finance contracts by way of project-based financing, corporate financing, loan syndication or other financing structures identified by the Bank. Mr. Princehenry Ekwubiri (princehenry.ekwubiri@ubagroup.com) is the facilitator of the loan.
    The objective of the Scheme is to enhance the capacity of Nigerian contractors with a view to attain the aspirations of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Content Development (NOGICD) Act 2010.

    Nigerian Content Development Fund (NCDF)

    NAOC was a major partner in the Nigerian Content Support Fund, which provided funds for indigenous companies at single digit interest rate. The fund metamorphosed into the Nigerian Content Development Fund currently in place as per the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010. NAOC also participates actively in the Nigerian Content Consultative Forum.

  • The list below shows some of the in-country fabrications:

    - Single Phase Skid Mounted Modularized 50,000 BPD 
    - Low Pressure Production Separator for Oshie Field Development Project (Diameter of Vessel: 2 150 mm; Length of Vessel: 9 280 mm;).
    - Flare Knock-Out Drums for OB/OB Trains 4 & 5 (Diameter: 4 000 mm; Length: 24 475 mm;)
    - Multiphase separators for Idu Flowstation Revamping
    Fabrication of Pressure Vessels for Ogbainbiri Flowstation Upgrade 
    - Buoy manufactured by Nigerdock for Brass Terminal
    - Fabrication of Line pipes in Abuja By SCC for Ogbainbiri –Kolo creek pipeline
    - Construction of platform jackets for Agbara and Okpoho offshore oilfields to encourage development of local contractors, maximization of their participation in the industry, as well as transfer of technology.


Capacity Development & Manpower Initiatives
  • In conjunction with the Oil Producers Trade Section (OPTS) and the Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board, NAOC is leading the Marine Manpower Development Initiative for the industry. This initiative is aimed at building qualified local manpower to man Nigerian owned vessels and compete internationally. In furtherance of this initiative, NAOC/NAE have  embarked on a number of marine development programs  aimed at providing skills for young Nigerians who hitherto had no opportunity to participate in the marine sector of the economy:  

    1) Eni skills acquisition program- Seafarers training. Aimed at training 250 youths from the host community to acquire Marine Engineering Assistance/Quartermaster certificate programs from NIMASA certified institutions here in Nigeria.

    2) Practical Sea Time Experience for 20 cadets – this involves 3 aspects:

       - Short courses for Pre-Board Refresher Training by Tolmann Allied Services Ltd.
       - Practical Sea Time Experience onboard Sea going vessels owned by Marine Platforms  Limited, Elshcon Nigeria Limited and Slok Nigeria Limited
       - Assessment visits to Cadets on board vessels by Charkin Maritime & Offshore Safety

    3) NAE has undertaken the construction of a Marine Laboratory in the Marine Engineering Department of Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. This comprises of 3 workshops, simulation room, meeting rooms and offices.

    NAOC also supports various other Nigerian local content capacity development initiatives led by the OPTS such as the establishment of Barite and drilling fluids industry, welding centre, valves assembly and the seamless line pipe Mill
    NAOC offers project-based-training for Nigerians within its projects. NAOC/NAE have trained over  200 Nigerians nominated by the Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board from the national database in various disciplines including Geology, Electrical Engineering, Welding, Fitting, Civil works.

    A further significant educational initiative includes the funding of an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Lab to Delta State University, Oleh.

    In addition, NAOC supported Human Capital Development by providing On the Job training to Geosciences Graduates. So far, the Company has trained 11 graduates in Reservoir, Petroleum, Environmental Engineering, and Exploration Geology.

    In October 2017, NAOC signed an MoU with Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) to develop in-country local content capacities in the area of manufacturing, engineering, projects and well delivery, and production operations in the Nigerian O&G industry. The objective of this initiative is to develop a sustainable base of competent local manpower and to develop credible indigenous companies into comprehensive world class companies.

  • NAOC collaborates with Standards Organization of Nigeria and other International Oil Companies (IOCs), Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and other stakeholders to establish standards for Barites, Protective paints, Oil Country Tubular Goods threads, etc.

    NAOC participates in the co-funding of the National Fabrication Yards Audit with the aim of enhancing the capacities and capabilities of in-country fabricators to world class level.

    NAOC has also commenced in 2013, research and development activities with a Nigerian University (Institute of Petroleum Studies, University of Port Harcourt) in accordance with the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act. For this activity, NAOC’s responsibilities include the purchase of relevant equipment and materials, training for the professors on the use of the equipment and research personnel expenses.

    NAOC is fostering partnerships between international companies and independent Nigerian companies for technological transfer. NAOC has also promoted technology transfer through its partnership with the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company and other local companies.

Other achievements
  • NAOC implements contract and procurement strategies which favours patronage of Nigerian contractors, domiciliation of work in-country and patronage of Nigerian made materials in accordance with the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act. Asset co-ownership between local and foreign companies is one of the areas NAOC is currently embarking on. NAOC also executed capacity development projects to assist host communities build up enterprises and achieve sustainable socio-economic growth thereby creating a synergy between local content and community content aspirations. NAOC co-funded the Nigerian Content Support Fund at single digit interest rates. The fund metamorphosed into the Nigerian Content Development Fund currently in place as per the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010. NAOC also participates actively in the Nigerian Content Consultative Forum.

    Non Operated Activities
    NAOC fully supports and contributes to various local content initiatives carried out through its JV partners namely Shell Petroleum Development Company JV and Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company Ltd including the recent Technova Line Pipe Mill and Coating Facility Project – (foundation stone was laid on the 26th of June 2013).

    Contractors Capacity Development Programs

    Vendor Development Program
    Since 2011, NAOC and NAE have Supported 360 Community Contractors through class room based training to enhance technical and managerial skills, effective project delivery and continuous improvement.  The impact of this program has led to the acquisition of ISO 9100 Certification by some of the beneficiaries.

    Nigerian Content Awareness Campaign
    NAOC is also sensitizing its contractors on deeper knowledge of compliance with the NOGICD Act for tendering thereby promoting Nigerian companies to enter into the Industry. 370 contractors have benefitted from this initiative. Since May 2013, NAOC has embarked on Nigerian Content opportunities awareness campaigns for its contractors with a view to initiating participation in new areas particularly manufacturing of ’most used” products in the oil and gas industry.

    Vendor Gap Closure and Opportunities Engagement
    In October 2014 and 2015 Eni brought together some Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Nigerian Contractors under the umbrella body of the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) group, an association of Nigerian Oil & Gas entrepreneurs for a Nigerian Content Gap Closures Opportunities Engagement and Exhibition.  The Highly successful programs attracted over 400 participants from 120 exhibiting companies to chart a way forward in closing the NC Gaps in the NAE Deep offshore development operations. In 2014, Eni won the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) Local Content Award for the most compliant IOC in local content. The award was won the second time to show Eni’s unrelenting effort to develop Nigerian content.

    Business Leadership Workshop
    In 2016 and 2017, NAOC/NAE organized Business Leadership Workshops to equip 180 Vendors with practical knowledge on achieving business excellence. The workshop showcased selected business Role Models who presented success stories, challenges and critical factors to business survival and sustainability in the Oil and Gas business environment, especially in the Niger Delta region.

    Succession Planning Workshop
    In 2016 and 2017 NAOC organized Succession Planning Workshops for 150 contractors, designed to equip Owners, Partners, Proprietors, and Management of Small/Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with skills and best practices in planning for the continuity and sustainability of their businesses when the owner exits due to incapacitation, retirement or old age. The workshop included Case Studies to acquaint Participants with typical Nigerian SMEs continuity challenges, Family ownerships Vs. Management and successful transitions.

    Indigenous Technology Forum
    At the Indigenous Technology Forum and exhibition held on 3rd and 4th November 2016 at Owerri, Imo State, NAE showcased in-country capabilities specifically in the areas of manufacturing, fabrication, and environmental services. In 2017, NAOC also organized the Indigenous Technology and Eni/Universities Collaborative Research Forum and Exhibition with 16 Nigerian universities in the area of research and development as well as exhibiting in-country capabilities in O&G exploration and production. In both events, there were plenary discussion sessions of experts and stakeholders on research and development, available technology in-country, gaps and ways to fill the gaps. 120 participants, representing 60 Nos. universities and Eni vendors attended. The total number of Eni Vendors that have participated so far in the Indigenous Technology Forum is 240 participants.

Last updated on 16/11/18