Leadership is a constant commitment to respond to the global evolution

Scientist studies new prototypes for renewable energy

Sustainability becomes a strategy through management

We consider governance and leadership processes as part of a path towards the energy transition and aim for a leading role in the global debate on the fight against climate change by joining international initiatives on this and other key issues.


As a global energy tech company, we promote a new idea of leadership linked to the evolution of the global scenario and capable of responding to the changes currently underway. The transition from the traditional energy market to today's dynamic and changing one requires a proactive entrepreneurial culture with respect to the challenges and opportunities of the future: this is why we focus on our people and our network of collaborations and invest resources in experimentation and innovation.


In managing our activities around the world, we guarantee maximum security and reliability, facilitate agile and flexible decision-making processes and rapid work reconfigurations to provide faster responses to changing conditions and new developments.

Diversity & Inclusion: here’s why plurality is an opportunity

Plurality is a resource to be safeguarded and promoted. Our commitment is based on the inclusion of all forms of diversity both within our company and in our relations with the outside world.

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