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The energy of the atom to the conquest of space

New technologies are under study to improve the use of nuclear energy in space missions.

25 May 2020

Low impact energy from water and the ground

Hydroelectric, marine, and geothermal energy are sources that, as part of the energy mix, contribute to reducing polluting emissions.

22 May 2020

For a handful of degrees

The consequences of greenhouse gas production on climate are becoming increasingly clear, but there are several strategies to contain them .

21 May 2020

Instability Factors

The huge global imbalances in water availability, aggravated by climate change and population growth, increase the clashes between states.


A new hydroelectric vortex

A simple and efficient project to generate renewable energy from river waters.

18 May 2020

Electric planes take off

New and promising projects to reduce emissions of small aircrafts.

14 May 2020

The Source of Life

The idea of safeguarding water resources is not new, but we need to go further. We need to go back in time to restore that sense of sacredness and reverence towards water that our ancestors in all cultures had developed and maintained for centuries.


The pandemic has to deal with math

How the application of multidisciplinary sciences, from computational models to AI, can help to counter the epidemic impact.


European funds, electrification and exit from the crisis

Exceptional measures are needed to deal with a historic situation. And precisely the urgency to spend money for everything to restart will give greater impetus to decarbonization policies.

08 May 2020

Climate change in the Mediterranean

Some studies have found a particular concentration of greenhouse gases in the “Mare Nostrum” area, several strategies are underway to contain the social economic impact.

07 May 2020

All that glitters is not (blue) gold

The water crisis is not about a lack of water but about creating a system of rules that determines who manages and governs it.

06 May 2020

A fundamental link

An approach that takes into account the close connection between water and energy would lead to significant steps forward on some of the main challenges of our times: tackling climate change, ensuring energy security and providing energy, drinking water and sanitation to the billions of people who lack these today.

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