Eni launches new eni.com to talk about the world of energy and the energy transition

San Donato Milanese (MI), November 30, 2023, Eni has launched a new version of eni.com, redesigning its website with the aim of talking about the energy and technology transition in an increasingly clear, effective and accessible format.

In the current ever-changing global context, energy is a highly relevant topic. The new company website addresses Eni's need to fully communicate its decarbonisation strategy characterised by the development and deployment of proprietary technologies to provide safe and increasingly clean energy and by the diversification of energy sources.

The website is designed to enable users to discover and understand Eni through a narrative structure that is articulated in Vision, Actions and Products. The new eni.com creates a clear connection between the company's strategic vision to reach Net Zero by 2050 and the actions it has taken - such as the optimization and decarbonisation of the upstream portfolio and the expansion of the biofuels, renewables and circular economy businesses - and its resultant services and products.

The new website's goals are aligned with those of Eni, meaning to be increasingly sustainable, efficient and accessible. It features a redesigned interface with simplified language and navigation to reduce emissions by optimising images and design to create lighter and more efficient loading pages. The innovative organization of content has allowed for a linear structure and enables visitors to navigate more easily throughout a direct and easy-to-discover narrative. The new site is also developed following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure an inclusive website accessible to people with disabilities.

Eni's external communication Department and the ICT function worked on the renewal of the website in collaboration with EY+M&C Saatchi, leading agencies in the sector. The technological aspects concerning System Integration were developed in collaboration with Exprivia.

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