Eni, FISE and Scuderia 1918 sign agreement for more sustainability in equestrian sports

Rome, 26 May 2023 - To celebrate the 90th International Equestrian Competition at Piazza di Siena, Eni, the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE) and Scuderia 1918 have signed an agreement to develop joint initiatives to further energy transition in equestrian activities.

The collaboration intends to promote a more sustainability and the decarbonisation of equestrian clubs and major national stables; with a strategic vision based on solid initiatives that are consistent with the principles of equestrian disciplines.

There is a growing need within equestrian sports for centres and events that are aligned with sustainable imperatives as well as making athletes more environmentally aware. As FISE President Marco Di Paola, a partner of the agreement, stated, “The art of equestrianism is in mastering simplicity, and is a great resource for sustainability and education. In this context, we can demonstrate sustainability through combining practice and technology effectively.”

Scuderia 1918 has underwritten the agreement. In its far-sighted and innovative vision, the agreement promotes ecological and ethological principles aimed at improving the welfare of horses and at developing sustainable projects that improves the intimate relationship between humans and animals at the core of horse riding.

By developing a comprehensive portfolio of dedicated products, services and solutions, Eni plans to decarbonise equestrian centres, sports facilities and equestrian events.

The partnership’s areas of focus will be around: energy efficiency through the use of plant biomass (thermal or co-generation), geothermal, agri-voltaic and photovoltaic plants; the decarbonisation of transport activities in horse racing through the use of HVO biofuels and electric vehicles; and the use of plant herbicides with high biodegradability.

Innovation within the partnership will be driven by the research, studying and development of new technologies, which aim to improve the sporting and competitive qualities of athletes, horses and riders, to create beautiful, high-level riding, representative of a state-of-the-art environmental management model being developed by the partners.

Marco Di Paola, President of the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation, said, “This marks a major first step in sustainability for the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation in Piazza di Siena. Highlighting the nature and beauty of Villa Borghese, with the lowest environmental impact, was our mission in organising the CSIO di Roma Piazza di Siena Master Fratelli d'Inzeo and our other federal events. We fully support Eni and Scuderia 1918’s project, not only because of the partnership’s potential, but because our activities involve the natural world more so than others. We consider it essential to make a firm commitment to the sustainable development of the world we live in.”

Emanuele Anchisi, Founder of Scuderia 1819 said, “Sports ethics and ecological awareness are the cornerstones of the Racing Team Scuderia 1918, which in 2022, alongside Fieracavalli, launched its sustainability programme at an international event. With this new project, in collaboration with Eni and FISE, we hope to solidify the approach for the sustainable development of equestrian centres and events in Italy.”

Maurizio Maugeri, Head of Sustainable B2B Energy Evolution at Eni, said, “Eni is tackling transition issues with a multifaceted approach that leverages our technology, experience, and research and development activities. This partnership brings together a network of collaborators to build innovative solutions to decarbonise the equestrian sector. Many solutions are being evaluated and, thanks to this agreement, they can be studied and developed with the aim of making this sector even more in sync with its environment.”

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