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Eni: Enjoy’s car sharing fleet in Milan adds electric

Milan, 29 November 2022 – In Milan Enjoy, Eni's car sharing service, is going electric adding to its fleet the XEV YOYO city car, an electric vehicle which is always operational thanks to battery swapping, an alternative to plug-in recharging points. The news was announced today at Palazzo Marino in the presence of Arianna Censi, Councillor for Mobility of the Municipality of Milan, who spoke alongside Giuseppe Ricci, Eni’s Energy Evolution Chief Operating Officer.

As of today, it is possible to rent in Milan, via the Enjoy app, a brand new XEV YOYO, in a distinctive lime green colour. The vehicles will gradually join Eni’s existing fleet of 900 vehicles, reaching 200 by the end of December. Thanks to the agreement between Eni and XEV, a car manufacturer founded in Turin in 2018, the advantages of urban electric mobility have been combined with the convenience of 'free floating' car sharing, allowing rentals to begin and end anywhere within Enjoy's coverage area, without a predefined pick-up or drop-off point. Moreover, Enjoy takes care of recharging, which allows customers to move around freely as XEV YOYO vehicles always come with a battery charge of more than 30%.

"We remain close to those who help us to spread and support sustainable mobility within our city” commented Arianna Censi, Councillor for Mobility of the Municipality of Milan. “With these new cars, Eni deploys a new electric fleet that will increase the possibility for the people living in Milan, and for all those visiting our city, to move freely, without harmful emissions that affect the quality of the air we breathe every day."

“Eni is pleased that the City of Milan, which welcomed the national debut of Enjoy car sharing exactly nine years ago, has received the news of the electric transformation of the fleet with equal enthusiasm – said Giuseppe Ricci, Chief Operating Officer for Energy Evolution at Eni – Car sharing is helping to make urban mobility more sustainable and improve ease of travel for citizens. In Turin, Bologna and Florence, cities where these vehicles have already been introduced, zero-emission city cars on the road have demonstrated their potential for micro-mobility, enabling Enjoy customers to rent more frequently for shorter distances. Support for electric mobility solutions and car sharing moreover contribute to Eni's holistic approach on its path to Net Zero by 2050, complimenting other solutions for decarbonizing transportation, such as the development of biofuels, the hydrogen distribution network and biomethane.”

Since it began operating in Milan in 2013, Enjoy has rented out cars more than 15 million times in the city, making car sharing a popular alternative to private vehicles, with benefits in terms of traffic decongestion and quality of life for those who live and work in the city.

Renting Enjoy vehicles in Milan provides advantages such as free parking in blue line areas and in residents' parking lots, as well as access to the "AREA C" restricted traffic area.  Enjoy also allows free use of the Enjoy Parking lots located at some Eni service stations in the coverage area and access to dedicated paid parking spaces, such as at Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports and Milan Porta Garibaldi train station.

Enjoy has over one million customers in Italy who have completed more than 29 million rentals since 2013, across a fleet of 2,500 vehicles. The service is available in the cities of Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Rome; electric car sharing with XEV YOYO city cars in Rome will be introduced in the coming months.


How Enjoy works

To rent Enjoy vehicles, users need to download the app, which is available on the Android, iOS and Huawei stores. After registering they can search for, view and book vehicles available nearby or in their area of interest, or rent an Enjoy vehicle along their route by entering the licence plate number and the code that can be found on the windscreen into the app. Once the vehicle has been accessed and unlocked, the rental is managed through the smartphone until arrival. At the end, users can view a summary of the rental costs incurred.

All Enjoy rental rates are available online. For XEV YOYO city cars, as for the other cars in the fleet, the rate is €0.29/min with a fixed cost of €1.00 for unlocking the vehicle at the beginning of the rental.


The XEV YOYO city car

XEV YOYO is a fully electric city car with a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of up to 150 km: equipped with a sunroof, small and agile, it is the ideal car for city centres. To recharge, in addition to plug-in columns, XEV YOYO cars are designed for battery swapping, which can be done in just a few minutes. In Milan, nine Eni service stations have been set up and will be operational for this purpose in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy will take care of the recharging process with battery swapping.

The XEV YOYO cars in the Enjoy fleet are supplied through a long-term rental service by SIFÀ, Società Italiana Flotte Aziendali - BPER Bank Group.

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