Versalis announces new branding in alignment with sustainable objectives

03 October 2022 - 3:41 PM CEST

San Donato Milanese (MI), 3rd October 2022 - Versalis has revised its logo to represent the company's strategy as an industry leader, in alignment with Eni’s identity, in its offering of decarbonised products.
Through innovation, the company aims to develop technologies within the circular economy and chemistry from renewable sources, as well as specialising its product portfolio.
Versalis' portfolio specialisation is focused on the development of markets and products for energy transition and sustainable mobility. As part of the circular economy, Versalis is committed to the mechanical and chemical recycling of plastic waste and chemistry from renewables, and the continuous development of new markets and applications for these by-products.
The new logo draws inspiration from the unique values and characteristics of a company which is capable of embracing the continuous evolution of the chemical industry. The main feature is still the six-legged dog, Eni’s symbol, rendered in Versalis’ colours which reflect the company’s sustainable mission. The flame in the original branding gives way to a new icon inspired by the shape of molecules as the essence of chemistry, reflecting the meeting and interaction of elements with each other and the creation of connections. It is a dynamic symbol like Versalis' chemistry that creates value for people through people.

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