Eni announces the start of a collaboration with Holcim to develop an innovative technology for CO₂ utilisation

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 28 January 2022 – Eni announces the establishment of a collaboration with Holcim to develop an innovative technology for the use of CO2 in a perspective of circularity and decarbonisation.

The technology developed by Eni is based on the carbonation of magnesium silicate minerals and the process is able to produce a material in which CO2 is permanently fixed and can be used in the formulation of cements.

The collaboration is part of Eni’s decarbonisation strategy to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, in which research and innovation are key levers. At the basis of the organic growth of the company is continuous innovation, as it allows to consolidate and enhance the corporate know-how, contributing to the skills training of Eni people and to technological evolution.

The partnership involves the creation of a demonstration plant with the aim of testing the reduction of CO2 footprint of cements and the integration of this innovative solution in cement plants.

Monica Spada, Eni’s Head of Research & Technological Innovation, commented: “Innovation and technological development are the strategic key to successfully tackling the challenge of the energy transition, for this we are delighted about this collaboration, which will leverage Eni's R&D expertise and Holcim's experience. This technology allows us to accelerate on our path towards decarbonisation, by providing a suitable solution for the hard-to-abate sectors".

Edelio Bermejo, Head of Holcim’s Innovation Center: “Reaching net zero in cement manufacturing will require the deployment of CCUS technologies at scale. Eni’s solution is very promising, and we are happy to explore its potential as it could take us all one step further on our decarbonization journey.” 

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