New Eni company - Hera for industrial waste management in Ravenna

The agreement provides for the creation of a state-of-the-art environmental platform capable of handling up to 60 thousand tonnes of special waste per year. The initiative is an example of industrial symbiosis aimed at minimising waste disposal in favour of recovering materials and energy.

San Donato Milanese (MI), 20 November 2020 - Eni and the Hera Group, through its subsidiaries Eni Rewind and Herambiente, have today signed, in the presence of the Mayor of Ravenna Michele de Pascale, an agreement to establish a joint venture which, by pooling the technical-management know-how of the two companies, will create a multifunctional platform for the pre-processing and processing of special waste in the Ravenna industrial area.

The initiative aims to make a concrete contribution to the structural shortage of special waste management facilities in Italy and to maximise the recovery of materials and energy.

In particular, the platform, the authorisation process of which will begin in 2021, will manage up to 60 thousand tonnes/year of waste produced by environmental and production activities, including those in the area, from a circular perspective and in line with the European directives of the "Circular Economy Package" implemented in Italy last September. The multi-purpose platform will be equipped with the latest technologies and built on a part of the "Ponticelle" site owned by Eni Rewind, near the industrial zone and the port of Ravenna. In relation to the development and operation of the plant, Eni Rewind will be responsible for the procurement process of solid and liquid waste processing services and Herambiente will operate the plant.

Mayor of Ravenna Michele de Pascale said "This is an important agreement to transform a formerly abandoned industrial area through the implementation of a technologically advanced project. This virtuous project demonstrates our leadership in the circular economy, which is important for the economic development of the city and will also be the subject of an in-depth study by the City Council. Today, a first fundamental collaboration between two important industry groups, Eni and Herambiente, has been put in place in our city, bringing with it significant benefits for employment and economic growth for the community in the future".

Paolo Grossi, CEO of Eni Rewind commented "The agreement with Herambiente aligns with the Eni Ponticelle project, which aims to regenerate an industrial zone according to the principles of circular economy. In Ponticelle, we are finishing the environmental works an the area where, in the coming months, Eni will build a photovoltaic park and a plant for the biological treatment of the land, with an adjoining analysis and research laboratory. The Ponticelle project is emblematic of our operating model. It is sustainable and circular, and was structured following constructive dialogue with local stakeholders".

Andrea Ramonda, CEO of Herambiente said "Growth and innovation are in Herambiente's DNA and alliances with qualified partners such as Eni, meet these values perfectly. The new platform, which will replace the existing one, integrates and further improves the already ample plant equipment dedicated to waste produced by companies and is perfectly aligned with our recently renewed mission. It will offer sustainable and innovative solutions to companies and communities creating value and new resources".


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