The Head of the Presidential Council of the Libyan Government of National Accord al-Sarraj and the Chairman of Libya's NOC Sanalla met with Eni’s CEO Claudio Descalzi

Tripoli (Libya), 8th July 2020 – Fayez al-Sarraj, Head of the Presidential Council of the Libyan Government of National Accord, met in Tripoli with Eni’s CEO Claudio Descalzi today to discuss the general situation of Libya in this difficult time worsened by the pandemic. Focus of the meeting was the follow-up of Eni’s continuous support to the Country for the access to energy as well as business continuity. The meeting was also attended by the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla.

Claudio Descalzi reaffirmed to al-Sarraj the full commitment of the company to its operational activities and projects in the Country and reiterated Eni’s commitment in the social investment, particularly in reference to the initiatives undertaken to support NOC in providing medical protective, diagnosis and critical treatment equipment essential in the response against Covid-19 pandemic.

In line with the activity defined in the Memorandum of Understanding signed with General Electric Company Of Lybia (GECOL) and NOC, Eni is contributing greatly for the improvement of the power sector, supplying additional critical spare parts to maintain the continuity of 3 GW. In addition, Eni is providing capacity building and technical support to define the code regulation of the national electrical power network and improve its operability.

Furthermore, Eni is working to study the development of a new gas power plant and is supporting the start-up of renewable pilot projects in the Country, making available its know-how and expertise. The introduction for the first time of renewable energy in Libya will give an answer to the request of more electrical power for the population without increasing local hydrocarbon consumption and CO2 emissions.

Eni's CEO has previously had a meeting with the Chairman of the NOC to discuss the status of Eni’s current and future projects in Libya. Focus was made on the progress of the mega project Structures A&E which will extend the gas production plateau of Bahr Essalam in the next years and will ensure the supply of gas to the local market, where Eni will continue to be the main supplier  . Moreover, NOC and Eni are  evaluating the possibility to further develop Bouri oilfield, targeting the undevelopped West and North areas with the objective to fully exploit the field potential.

Eni’s CEO prized NOC Chairman for the continuous commitment of NOC in granting business continuity, logistics support and crew changes for local staff as well as the great effort made by Mellitah Oil&Gas management and employees and all the contractors involved in the activities, despite the current complex and unprecedented scenario. Furthermore, Eni’s CEO appreciated NOC upmost efforts exerted in trying to resolve the blockade that has halted the production from Libyan onshore oilfields including Eni’s participated fields (ie. El-Feel and Abu-Attifel). The prolonged blockade other than seriously damaging Libyan revenues can also cause deterioration of existing oil facilities.

Eni is the main international hydrocarbon producer in Libya, where it currently produces 170,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in equity.

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