Eni finds a more innovative way to talk about energy on the internet

The new eni.com, where you can find out all about the company and the energy transition, is now up and running. Among the new features are personalisation and Artificial Intelligence.

San Donato Milanese, Milan, 7 February 2020 - Eni launched today its totally redesigned site eni.com. Its aim is to explain the Group's activities, the world of energy and the challenges ahead in the energy transition, in an innovative, simple and understandable way. 

“The new eni.com symbolises the transformation Eni is undergoing, in which innovation plays a fundamental role,” says Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni. “The new site wants to forge a bond of trust with its visitors, explaining not only the Eni universe, but also the world of energy, with all the opportunities, technologies and economic, political and social implications that are an intrinsic part of the current transition. The overarching thread will be the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, on which we have built Eni's new mission,” he added. 

Starting with topics like decarbonization and the circular economy, going on to Eni's work towards a transition that's fair for all, and coming finally to geopolitics and technological innovation, the site will present content from both the company and outside, with comprehensive and accurate information. It will do all this without forgetting its main role as a point of information about the company. 

Each visitor will be able to personalise  information on eni.com, deciding what content is most relevant to him/her and organising topics according to his/her own interests, adding or deleting different channels from the personal menu, as part of an open dialogue with the world of energy now and in the future.

The site also introduces advanced solutions to make navigating content easier. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the site's search engine can sharpen its understanding of the intentions behind a search, and provide the best results for its users. From text to new videos from EniTV, from infographics to podcasts and AMP stories for the mobile version, all the expressive potential of digital is deployed here to narrate Eni's transformation.

The project to redesign the eni.com site was worked on by the external communication and ICT departments, alongside some of the most innovative companies in the sector, assembled in a team by TBWA\Italia and Assist Digital.

TBWA\Italia ran strategy, planning and developing content, while Assist Digital dealt with designing the customer experience and the creative work behind the digital ecosystem. StoryFactory developed the story-telling concept for the site, Jakala the data strategy and Ad Maiora focused on the SEO activities.

The technological side was developed in cooperation with Reply for system integration and with Exprivia for application management. 

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