Enjoy comes to Bologna!

The service is designed to provide an easy-to-use and fast customer experience, with all aspects of the rental service managed via an app.

Bologna, 27 September 2018 – Enjoy announced today the launch in Bologna of its free-floating vehicle sharing service, provided by Eni in partnership with Fiat and Trenitalia. The press conference was held in the Sala Tassinari of Palazzo d’Accursio, attended by the city’s mayor, Virginio Merola, the city councillor for Mobility Policy, Irene Priolo, Eni’s Chief Refining&Marketing Officer, Giuseppe Ricci, the Fleet & Tender CEO of FCA EMEA, Stefano Solfaroli, and the Head of Business Partnerships (High-Speed & Long Distance) of Trenitalia, Fabrizio Ruggiero. Bologna is the sixth city, alongside Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin, and Catania, to have joined the mobility revolution for local residents, business travellers, and tourists visiting the city. Enjoy took up the public call for proposals, made by Bologna City Council through the SRM mobility agency, for the spread of new car sharing services, aimed at reducing the number of privately owned cars, relieving traffic congestion, and improving the quality of life of all those who live and work in the city.

The service is designed to provide an easy-to-use and fast customer experience, with all aspects of the rental service managed via an app (including booking and pick up of the car, log-in by PIN, and drop off of the vehicle at the end of rental). Users can locate the vehicle closest to them and book it by using the smartphone app (for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) or via the web site enjoy.eni.com, or choose any free car they see on the street, log-in, and drive off on their rental. Registration is free-of-charge and managed completely on-line.

Enjoy will be providing a fleet of 100 Fiat 500s in Bologna
, all of which can be dropped off at the end of rental anywhere within the 15 km2 of the area covered by the vehicle sharing service. The cars will be able to freely access and drive in all restricted traffic zones of the city, including, in particular, the central “T” area (but only from Mondays to Fridays). Bus lanes, pedestrian zones, and Via Archiginnasio will be excluded. Free parking spaces will be provided for car sharing vehicles in all payment parking (blue) areas, as well as in residential parking (white) areas (excluding electric car recharging bays and time-restricted areas), and in 28 municipal parking bays in restricted (yellow) areas (excluding “Io Guido” and TPER reserved spaces), with street parking permitted in any other area contemplated by the Traffic Code. In Piazzale Medaglie D’Oro, reserved parking spaces will be located on the eastern side of the inner ring of the square. Another 8 parking bays will provided in select Eni service stations located in strategic zones and high traffic areas throughout the city. All the Fiat 500s in the Bologna fleet will be of Euro 6 standard, able to transport up to four people.

Enjoy is an efficient, innovative, and sustainable service that will inject new energy into Bologna’s mobility system thanks to the competitive prices it offers: 25 euro cents per minute (for the first 50 km after which a 25 euro cent charge per kilometre will apply), or a €50 daily fee. The “all inclusive” price covers insurance charges, maintenance, fuel, and parking. Enjoy also offers an “extended booking” option in which the first 15 minutes of rental are free, with a 10 euro cent charge per minute applied from the 16th to the 90th minute.

Self-refuelling will also be available to users of the service in Bologna, simply by taking the Enjoy car to any participating Eni Station, enabling them to earn free rental minutes. When booking, users that rent a car with a fuel level of less than 30% will be able to fill up at no charge. Refuelling is managed via the app, and users that take up the self-refuelling option will receive a €5 voucher to use on future rentals. The city has six participating Eni Stations, including one in Casalecchio (all identified on the app by a push-pin with the Eni logo).

Both new and legacy users of the service can take advantage of the “Via col 20” promo by following two simple steps upon opening the app, giving them the opportunity to purchase a €25 voucher for just €20—a 20% discount that lowers the price of rental from 25 euro cents/min to 20 euro cents/min.  Vouchers purchased before 31 December will be valid for use by 30 June 2019.

Enjoy has stepped up its partnership with Octo Telematics, the largest global provider of electronic services for the insurance and automotive sectors. With its Omoove technology platform, the company has supported the Enjoy vehicle sharing service right from the start. The Octo logo will appear on the back of all the Fiat 500s in Bologna, and will soon after be featured on the entire fleet nationwide.

Since December 2013, Enjoy’s 2,400 red Fiat 500s and 50 Doblò Cargos have made major inroads in spreading the world of shared mobility, with over 780 thousand users now registered and an average of over 14 thousand rentals per day.

Enjoy vehicle sharing is part of a series of Eni initiatives designed to promote innovative technological solutions enabling the spread of the circular economy and new sustainable economic models.

For assistance, users can contact a dedicated freephone service, open 24 hours, on 800.900.505. To discover what’s new with the service and to share images, suggestions, and experiences in real time, visit the Enjoy Facebook and Twitter social media pages. See you aboard, Enjoy!

Eni and Trenitalia are related parties as they are jointly controlled by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. Eni has applied its own Procedure, considering the partnership falling between the cases of exclusion foreseen in it.

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