Eni partners with the paediatric hospital IRCCS (Scientific Institute for Hospitalisation and Care) “Istituto Giannina Gaslini” in countries the company operates in

The agreement anticipates paediatric clinical support for local populations and staff training.

Geneva, 17th July 2018 – Eni and IRCCS Giannina Gaslini, one of Europe’s most important paediatric hospitals, have agreed a partnership to implement paediatric initiatives, providing clinical support for local populations and staff training in the countries Eni operates in.


In particular, the agreement aims to provide training for the medical, nursing and technical staff of foreign hospitals by the Gaslini Institute; on-the-job training of staff in hospitals located in foreign countries by The Gaslini Institute; a second opinion (remote consultation) through telemedicine sessions; treatment in the Gaslini Institute for complex clinical cases; technical medical support, as well as education and communication at a clinical, organisational and hospital management level.


The partnership’s first country of focus is Iraq. Eni is working to improve the quality of the haematology/oncology and surgery services at the Basra Children’s Hospital (BCH) through important technical and training support, in collaboration with the Gaslini Institute.


Moreover, Eni is building a new ward, supplying equipment and repairing and upgrading existing systems. Between 2018 and 2019, the Gaslini Institute will host Iraqi doctors, nurses and technicians at its premises, involving them in personalised, on-the-job training programs, and will send its specialists to the hospital in Bassora to provide technical, clinical and training assistance.


Remote consultation assistance is also planned for critical cases through telemedicine sessions, medical information, education and communication (IEC) programs and technical assistance to improve clinical, organisational and management systems.


This agreement is further evidence of the approach Eni takes with the countries it operates in; promoting and implementing projects for the growth of local communities, and establishing long-term, responsible and sustainable relationships.


Eni has also donated software for processing neurological images to the Gaslini Institute. This software is crucial for the diagnosis of brain tumours and fast diagnosis in acute neurological events such as an ictus, cerebral ischemia and epilepsy.

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