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Eni and the Ministers of Education and Labour extend the Memorandum of Understanding signed last June on school and business integration initiatives

Rome, 25 July 2016 – The Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Eni have extended the Memorandum of Understanding, signed on 8 June, aimed at the development of a series of initiatives for Italian students, which aimed at promoting integration between business and educational institutions. In particular, with the extension of the initiative to the Basilicata and the addition of Val d’Agri to the other sites where the training programme and work will be implemented, the agreement increases the number of students who will benefit from a first-level apprenticeship contract from 135 to around 175. This is a work contract featuring training content, for which Eni is currently developing the materials alongside the Ministry of Labour on the basis of recent legislative instruments introduced by the Jobs Act.

Eni and the Ministers of Education and Labour extend the Memorandum of Understanding signed last June on school and business integration initiatives

The new contracts will benefit students from Basilicata (up to a maximum of 40) enrolled at technical and vocational schools in subjects of interest to Eni and compatible with the professional profiles at the Val d’Agri Oil Centre. The contracts will be activated by September of this year and pre-empt a training programme and work at the headquarters of Eni’s Southern District in Viggiano. Val d’Agri has consequently been added to other sites (Gela, Sannazzaro, Livorno, Ravenna, Venice and San Donato Milanese company headquarters) where the parties have already agreed to implement apprenticeship contracts for young students, qualifying them through educational and professional courses that respond to the needs of the labour market.

In addition to the initiatives, the agreement signed in June also included a series of school-work alternation projects. In these cases, the integration agreed between the parties foresees an increase in the number of students who will benefit from 1,500 to around 2,300.

The projects will consist of  didactic internships on Eni-specific organisational, technical and management themes; study visits to Eni’s sites and other sites of interest within the energy sector; workshops intended to target the personal skills required for work scenarios; and e-learning courses to boost students’ understanding of Eni and the energy sector on a dedicated Eni platform.

The parallel use of schools’ first-level apprenticeship scheme and the alternation of school-work, pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding signed in June, represents an essential pillar of the educational cooperation between schools and the world of work, and makes it highly synergistic to the legislative measures outlined by the Buona Scuola and the Jobs Act.

As for Eni, the initiative reinforces and complements the company's strategy of strong integration with educational institutions, which, even before the agreement signed in June, made use of advanced training projects in partnership with Polytechnics and Universities for specific issues to the oil and gas sector.

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