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Eni Shareholders' Meeting of 12 May 2016: proposal of Ministry of the economy and finance

21 April 2016 - 8:19 PM CEST
Rome, 21  April 2016 – Today the Ministry of the economy and finance communicated that it will submit to the next Eni Shareholders’ Meeting of 12 May 2016, with reference to point 3 on the Agenda (“Appointment of a Director pursuant to Article 2386 of the Italian Civil Code‘), the confirmation of Alessandro Profumo as Eni Director, until the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting that will be called to approve the financial statements for the 2016 financial year, expiration date of the current Board. Information on his profile is available on the Company’s website.

Download the press release (PDF)

PDF 27.67 KB 21 April 2016 CEST 20:19
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