Eni strengthens its commitment to water resources, a fundamental action to counter the effects of climate change

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 9 June 2021 - Eni today publishes for the first time its Position on Water, a further step towards the strengthening of the commitments set out in the "CEO Water Mandate", the United Nations initiative which the company joined in 2019, first-ever among oil&gas companies.

Eni, which operates in 68 countries with varying ecological, social and geopolitical contexts, identifies water as a strategic resource for the protection of biodiversity and human health, for social and economic development, as well as for the performance of industrial activities, including those in the energy sector.

By announcing the Position on Water, Eni intends to reaffirm its commitment to the optimal management of water resources in all phases of activity, in harmony with the needs of the territory and in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in order to reduce water risk, promote social development and safeguard ecosystems.


The company is therefore committed to setting targets to minimize its freshwater withdrawals in water-stressed areas, seeking improved solutions, for example by using low-quality water to carry out its operations, such as wastewater, reclaimed water, rainwater or produced water, reducing consumption through efficiency activities and leveraging innovative technologies to safeguard water resources. The definition of the targets will be based on the assessment of the stress conditions of the catchment areas, the sites with the greatest potential impact (top consumer sites) and the opportunities to contribute to local management activities, in synergy with local authorities and stakeholders.

In order to support its commitments in this regard, the company has long adopted an integrated and cross-cutting approach, involving specialist functions and business lines and enables it to periodically assess the water risk in the contexts in which it operates, analysing the specific areas in which its operating assets are located, identifying from time to time any points of attention or improvement.

As confirmation of this approach, in 2020 Eni obtained the A- score in the CDP Water Security questionnaire for transparency and activities carried out to protect water resources and against climate change, one of the highest scores among companies in the sector. 

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