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Position of Eni gas e luce regarding the sanction of the Italian Antitrust Authority

28 January 2021
1 min read
28 January 2021
1 min read

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 20 January 2021 - Regarding the sanction announced on January 20th by the Italian Antitrust Authority, Eni gas e luce disagrees with the conclusions of the AGCM, and is carefully considering an appeal against the decision, as the company believes that it has always handled its customers' prescription requests fairly and with the utmost care.

Eni gas e luce, recognizes the statute of limitations on its own initiative, even before customers request it, in all cases where the delay in billing derives from its own responsibility.

In all other cases, i.e. in cases where the delay in billing derives from the responsibility of the distribution company for not having read the meter, or of the customer for not having allowed the personnel to read the meter, Eni gas e luce carries out accurate verifications in line with the provisions of ARERA (Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment), which attributes official value to what is declared by the distribution company. The AGCM, by going against the regulation of ARERA, thus effectively endorses behavior on the part of customers that is potentially false, to the detriment of the entire system.