The new Code of Ethics: our Charter of Values

The Code of Ethics has been updated to become a modern and effective Charter of Values, designed to inspire and guide the conduct of all Eni staff and our stakeholders.

By consistently applying the principles and contents of the Code of Ethics in every situation, we ensure we are acting in the interest of Eni, while operating in a manner that is consistent with  our Mission and the UN’s SDGs, in full compliance with the values of integrity and transparency that have always been the cornerstone of our company’s culture.

The structure

The new Code of Ethics emphasises the commitments the company has made and promotes the behaviour people must engage in.

Every chapter of the Code of Ethics corresponds to a principle that is consistent with the SDG that inspired it. Each principle is then developed into a series of commitments the company has adopted and every commitment translates into conduct that must be followed to satisfy the corresponding principle.

Each chapter contains practical examples and further details, with Q&As, examples and links to the reference regulatory instruments we must all know and comply with.

Whistleblowing reports

The Code also contains rules for its application, starting with the Code recipients and their responsibilities, through to mechanisms for reporting potential breaches. If we think that someone is not applying, or is about to violate, one of the principles of the Code of Ethics, we have the duty to report it. For more information refer to the dedicated section.

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