Eni Iraq: the The T-walls that unite

In Zubair, cultural diversity was celebrated through significant and symbolic artwork of your children from 9 neighboring schools.

There is a famous Italian saying that goes “tutto il mondo è paese”, globally translated to “ it’s a small world after all”. Those of us who are part of the diverse world of Eni, know that this saying, actually, exists everywhere, or at least in every corner of the globe where Eni operates. It is testimony to the fact that cultural diversity and co-existence is not only possible and recommendable, but has been, throughout the times and diverse cultures, vital to the development and to the very survival of civilizations. 

Under the guidance and supervision of a local Basrawi artist, these young children splashed colorful hope on the sinister T-walls that guard the surroundings of the Zubair Life Support Camp (LSC). Eni Iraq’s employees, who come from different parts of the world, over 30 nationalities, took 5 minutes from their busy workday and stopped to mark the occasion and unite their handprint to those of the children on the T-walls. In just a couples of hours, the LSC main street that once was grey and lifeless, exploded with color and messages of hope, unity and peace. 


It was by all means “a small world after all” in the confined world of the LSC, but also a realization that by cherishing cultural diversity and promoting dialogue, there is space for everyone to prosper within a peaceful and inclusive social cohesion. 

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