Celebrating Earth Day

Activities in Iraq for a world day dedicated to the planet. 22 April is Earth Day, a global event in which over a billion people from 192 countries take part. It is the biggest day of civic action in the world.

For Eni, celebrating Earth Day also means reaffirming its commitment to the objectives of the Paris Agreement from the 2015 United Nations Conference on climate change.

Symbolic and practical activities are scheduled for a whole week and will involve local communities. Above all, children will participate as representatives of future generations, together with the staff of the Zubair Project, to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection and its socio-economic impact on the population.

Schoolchildren can make a big difference. During the week of activities, they will ignite their passion in nine primary schools close to the plants, doing their part to take care of the earth, together with Eni Iraq B.V. and Zubair Field Operation Division (ZFOD). Various activities are planned involving collaboration by teachers:

  • Hands-on art projects to help children feel connected to environmental issues and help them imagine the world they want to live in.
  • Making signs telling children to change habits and think about what they can do, at school and at home, to help the environment and encourage others to change their habits.
  • Information on pollution, to understand what happens if the earth is not protected.
  • Rubbish collection in schools, analysis of the types of waste collected and development of solutions to limits production at its source. - Spreading the message that every day, not just 22 April, is Earth Day.

On 20 April, students will arrive at Eni’s headquarter and share their work with Eni Iraq B.V. and ZFOD staff, helping them plant seeds and creating murals inspired by the environment in the courtyards of the camp.

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