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Eni improving education in Iraq throughout the Master Teachers Training

On July 29, in Zubair district in Iraq, the first edition of the Master idea for the awareness of energy and the environment was celebrated, but not only.

On 29th July, in the Zubair district of Iraq, we celebrated the final day of the first edition of the “Master Teachers Training” at the presence of the Zubair authorities, Basra Oil  Company (BOC), Zubair Field Operating Division (ZFod) and Eni Iraq bv (EIBV) management.

Starting August 2018, these 13 graduate teachers will transfer their newly acquired skills and knowledge by training 100 teachers. By the end of 2018, the 100 teachers will be able to implement the “Awareness Campaign on Energy and Environment” with 12,000 students.   

The ACEE initiative, conceived within the ZFod  Sustainability team, with support of EIBV and Eni HQ, does not limit to the Energy and Environment subjects, but provides the teachers with didactical and pedagogical tools that will enable them to use modern and interactive techniques to raise the teaching standards and to improve the formation of the students.

The ACEE initiative was a great opportunity for teachers not only to show what they learnt through more than 100 hours of training, but also to discuss the educational issues and obstacles they face on daily basis and express their ideal vision for a better school system in the future.

Following the completion of the Master Teacher Training, a meeting was held among all the concerned stakeholders to discuss better ways of cooperation in order to speed up the process of refurbishment and completion of schools, with the presence of the Zubair Project Joint Management Committee Chairman.

Education is one of the fundamental pillars of Eni Sustainability. The long-term goal is to assist BOC in supporting the Iraqi Authorities in order to design and build schools that can be an example from an infrastructural perspective and, most importantly, from a quality education aspect.  

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