Our work in the Netherlands

We operate in the country’s Global Gas & LNG Portfolio and Refining & Marketing sectors, as well as in Belgium, through a subsidiary company.


Gas supplies

We completed the sale of the shares held in the pipelines importing gas from Northern Europe (TENP and Transitgas) in 2011 in the framework of the commitments undertaken with the European Commission on 29th September 2010 and our ship-or-pay contracts have also remained in force. We also have transportation rights to a European and North African pipeline system for importing and selling natural gas from various production areas, including the Netherlands, in Italy and wider Europe. 

Lubricants and supply networks

We operate in the Benelux lubricant markets via our Eni Benelux BV subsidiary, based in the city of Rotterdam. We sell a wide range of products in the Benelux countries, the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Iceland both through retailers and directly. The company is responsible for the International Card Center (ICC), the primary activity of which is the administrative management of Routex cards for international customers and billing and clearing operations among the companies in the group that offer this service.