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Roberto Ulissi

Since 2006, he has been Head (now Director) of Corporate Affairs and Governance, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer. He is a Board member and Vice Chairman of Banor SIM. He is a lawyer.


After a number of years spent as a lawyer at the Bank of Italy, in 1998 he was appointed General Manager at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance head of the Banking and Financial System and Legal Affairs Department.

He was a Board member of Telecom Italia (and Chairman of the Audit Committee), Ferrovie dello Stato, Alitalia, Fincantieri and a government representative on the Governing Council of the Bank of Italy.

He was also a member of numerous Italian and European committees representing the Ministry of the Economy including, at a national level, the Commission for the Reform of Corporate Law (Commission “Vietti”) and, at EU level, the Financial Services Policy Group, the Banking Advisory Committee, the European Banking Committee, the European Securities Committee, and the Financial Services Committee.

He was also special professor of Banking Law at the University of Cassino. He is “Grande Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana”. 

Until December 2020, he was the Board Secretary of Eni and Corporate Governance Counsel and Company Secretary and was a Board Member of Eni International BV. From 2018 to 2021 he was the Coordinator of the Corporate Governance Forum of Company Secretaries.

For more information regarding all relevant persons in possession of share, or have made share transactions, there is a table that you can consult through this link Managers’ transactions and shareholdings.

Last update: 11 May 2023

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