Training at Eni

Innovative programmes to share Eni's values and develop strategic skills

We value training

Eni has always believed deeply in the value of training. Our programmes focus on our people’s professional development, and use innovative and customisable learning methods to enhance their expertise. From the moment they join the company, all Eni people can take advantage of paths for the growth and improvement of their managerial, specialist and strategic skills, and we do this in all the locations where we operate, in Italy and abroad.

We provide a constantly updated personal training CV, which details our people’s completed courses, whether as students or teachers. This helps everyone to monitor their own professional growth.

A team effort

To guarantee the continuous training process, we have set up a centre of excellence, the Eni Corporate University, which coordinates training activities, manages synergies within Eni and ensures improvement and constant skills growth.

On-going learning is also backed by the Eni Faculty, a network of teachers within the company, who share their experience, Eni’s values, as well as their technical and managerial expertise with other colleagues on a daily basis. 



Some of our programmes

With Eni Academy and Welcome Experts!, young new recruits and more expert staff can discover more about who we are and what we do, with the opportunity to build a solid network between the various companies. These programmes were launched years ago, entirely in English.

With the Mentoring and Coaching programme, we enable people in their personal and professional development with the support of highly experienced corporate and internal career development professionals.

At Eni, safety always comes first, including in training. We have set up a second-level HSE Master's degree for our people, in partnership with the University of Pisa. In addition, we run various training activities to promote safer behaviour inside and outside the workplace.

Furthermore, to increase technical expertise, our people have access to specialised technical refresher courses and, through on-the-job training, a more experienced colleague by their side when learning their daily working routine.




Training and sharing

Knowledge is about sharing and collaboration. This is why we have equipped ourselves with processes and systems such as the Knowledge Management System (KMS): a digital platform to grow, develop and share skills and technical problem-solving expertise through the sharing of best practices among Eni professionals across the world, at any time.

Alongside technical expertise, we’ve created MyChange, a state-of-the-art digital space. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it allows people to learn more about Eni's values through a customised course and to find tips on how they can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sustainability, the energy transition, Diversity & Inclusion and digitalisation are just some of the global challenges addressed on the platform, with contributions from Eni professionals and selected online sources in (almost) every world language.

Training and innovation

Innovation is an indispensable part of training. We offer training solutions in line with the goals, needs and learning styles of our people. To make our activities more effective, we use state-of-the-art technology such as Virtual Reality, augmented reality classrooms, immersive webinars and gamification tools, as well as a specially built TV studio for more engaging training.  

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